Monday, June 8, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week wasn’t really the most exciting week but It was just a good missionary working week I guess you can say. There honestly wasn’t anything that really stood out like we had last week but it was just a really good week. This week we are really doing our best to try and find some more people since we are just putting so many people in  the water over here ha. We have about 4 or 5 more baptisms set up for the 12th of April but after that not to much. Last week me and my companion were able to contact this one women who is really prepared for the gospel. Her name is sister Telza, she is about 30 or so and is sweet. We first contacted her and she didn’t really seem to excited to see us and asked what we wanted and we gave her our spill and then she was really interested when my companion said something about the Book of Mormom. We came back and taught her about Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon and everything we taught her she just kept saying to us that “it made sence” Heck ya it does haha. We found out that she stopped going to church like 4 years ago because she was sick of these apostate churches taking her money. She didn’t come this week, I think she is just a little nervous because it has been so long since she has gone to church but I am excited to see how she progresses. I hope she continues. On Wednesday we got some good rain. It started raining in the morning and my Companion didn’t want to go out and neither did Vandehei’s companion so we did a short little exchange and we went out that morning in the pouring rain. It was fun, I always enjoy working in the rain. We didn’t have a ton of success but it beat being in the apartment. That day we went to the hospital where one of our RC works and where one of his buddies is that we have been teaching. His buddy is hooked on Heroine so they brought him to the hospital to get him help. He came to church once but he has escaped the hospital a few times trying to run and so because of that he isn’t allowed out. When we went there on Wednesday he had escaped the night before and while we were there they found out where he was so we went and joined our RC promise, and went and helped fetch him. That was kind of cool to be able to help. I just feel bad, he really wants to change and stop the drugs and join the church but the addiction is hard and even the living conditions in the hospital suck. He is just basically under an oning with a bunch of beds lined up and all he has is his own bed and a bunch of other people around him and most of them are crazy. The conditions are rough, I don’t blame him trying to escape. This week we were able to confirm out family and that was awesome, we had so many confirmations in sacrament meeting that they had to skip 2 of the speakers because we didn’t have time. The Oteng family is just so happy though and It is just so awesome to be able to be a part of there happiness.  I guess on another note, we got our transfer news this week and My companion Elder Kiwanuka is leaving me and I am getting a new companion again, I am strait going through companions. My new companion is Elder Morokay from South Africa. Its his last transfer and honestly I have heard that he is dead so I might have to do a little motivating this transfer but we will see how it all goes. That means that I will have him as my companion and then for my next transfer which will be my last I will get another companion so that will be interesting. I got a feeling that these last 3 months are going to fly by. Defintily putting it into 6th gear and doing all we can before its to late. Well sorry that this weeks email isn’t the most interesting, next week will probably be pretty eventful though so we will see how it all goes. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and enjoy april. Love ,
Elder Bowring

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