Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 Samuel & Family are Baptized!

Dear family,
Well this was  a really awesome week. I really enjoyed this week. There was two big things that happened this week that I will probablymostly talk about. All the way going up to Saturday was basically just
normal. Working hard and just doing the work.Friday night in themiddle of the night I was woke up by a big rain storm, I didn’t really think to much about it , I could just tell that it was coming down
outside. You can really hear it on the tin roofs to, the wind was blowing and it was crazy but I just went back to bed. Saturday morning we woke up and just did our normal routine and then we went out. It
was about 10 when we got out and I could tell that there had been a  lot of rain fall from how moist everything still was. By our apartment and in our area we have a huge gutter running through. It’s a big ole gutter and its pretty nasty, people always go and take craps in there and stuff but that’s beside the point , anyways it a big old gutter.
Me and my companion were walking over a bridge that goes over the gutter and my companion noticed there was a lot of trash hanging off the bridge and he told me he thought the gutter overflowed last night
but I told him there was no way, the gutter it to big to do that. He agreed so we just went on. We got to our first appointment and all of her stuff was out side and was soaking wet. We asked her what happened and she told us that the gutter had over flown (she lives right next to the gutter) and it over flowed so much that it flooded the compound and flooded the house. I freakin couldn’t believe it, that is so much water.I wish I could describe it better. We offered to help but she had already done most of it all so we went to go check on everyone on
the other side of the gutter. When we were walking down the road it looked like a freakin tornado hit. Mud everywhere, tree stumps on the road, cars washed down the street. It hit so bad, I couldn’t believe it. We check on bishop and we decided to go help so we went back to the apartment and changed and came back. We first helped a women next to bishop, I helped her with the other two in our apt. and my companion went to help bishop. This womens house had completely flooded and we just bucked the water out one bucket at a time. Took for ever , I felt so bad though, everything inside was basically destroyed. The water was like up to my the bottom of my knee. We worked in bishops compound for about 3 hours and then my companion and the other were tired so me and Elder Vandehei decided to go check on some other people around and we went across the street and asked if
anybody needed help. One guy immediately took up the offer and took us to his house. His house was flooded all the way and it was just him. The water was like past our knees so me and Vandehei got to it and emptied the whole house single handed. I think in all we spent about 6 hours helping around and bucketed out about 5 or 6 houses. I was completely dead after words but it was so worth it. Everyone was so appreciative and I was so happy to be able to help and to be able to be of service to people. Nothing beats that in the world. Even made
some good contacts and we weren’t even trying. People just kept saying they wanted to come see the church because of what we were doing so that was bonus. Needless to say I am still freakin sore , I haven’t worked my back out like that in a long time haha.  Sunday was also really sweet. We had our baptism of Samuel and his family. Everything with the service went on very smoothly. I was privileged to be able to baptize them. I first baptized Samuel the father. Right after I baptized him and he was walking out of the font, he just raised his
finger up to the sky and shook it pointing to god. It was like he was just walking off the field after a W. It was so awesome to see, he has worked for 3 months on kicking his drinking habit and not only did he do that but also he has brought his entire family to the church. 3 of his children were baptized as well and his wife has a date to be
baptized in April. It is so awesome baptizing families, nothing make me more happy. The gospel really does change peoples lifes and I am just so privileged to be a part of helping so many people make that change. Its honestly changed me. It really hit me this week how fast I am going to be home so I have just been trying to soak in everything and just be more appreciative of being out here and I think that really just helped me have an awesome week. Well I sure do love you all, I hope you all have a great week and I will see you on the 9th of
Elder Bowring

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