Monday, March 9, 2015

January 26, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week has been a really good week like last week.  We really
worked hard again this week and me and my companion were able to get
our goal of 40 lessons this week so we were pretty pumped about that.
Well I guess I will just start with today what we did. Today we went
to a place called Budum Burum aka the Liberian refugee camp they have
here in Ghana to play some basketball with some elders. First off it
was sweet because playing basketball is the best thing to do on P-day
but we played against a bunch of Liberians and they were all speaking
the Liberian Pigeon English Coloqa and just hearing that pumped me up
and made me miss Liberia. I talked to them all and I knew all the
places where they lived and even served in a few of the places to , it
was really sweet and to top it off afterwards we went and ate some
Liberian food. It was dope, I am pretty geeked about all haha.  Well
this week on Tuesday we had our district meeting and the Office Elders
Joined us for that and it was good. They brought me 2 packages one
long awaited one from Ashly and then another from the Andersons so
thank you so much for that, you guys are making sure I am well taken
care of out here.  I am just trying to think about what high lights we
had this week, I would say that one of the high lights that we had was
on Wednesday we taught 11 lessons in a day , so that was pretty sweet
teaching wise. This week though we have had a lot of lights off. From
the beginning of the week they were having problems with it all and we
were in darkness for like 3 days and then when we finally got light
back our water tank was empty and we didn’t get any water for about 2
days, and now that our tank is full our water pump went out haha, we
just cant seem to get it all right.  Hopefully that will all be better
this week. This week at church was a good week. We missed out on the
two who came last week but I guess they had some things come up so we
are still working with them on it all. We did have our confirmation
this week which is always nice, I always get nervous about the
confirmation whether they will show up or not. Because it's happened
it the past. We did also have one new investigator to church named
Isaac. He was pretty pumped about all of church and was really
enjoying him self. He said he can’t wait to baptize this month and he
even showed us to his brother after church on Sunday.  We are hoping
for about 3-4 baptisms this month so I really pray that we will be
able to get them. I am really starting to settle in here, even for me
and Elder Forrest we have been doing some good lifting in the mornings
and had a bench made so we can do some good work outs with the
dumbbells that he has. I am hoping that I can stay here for a while,
atleast until March but I guess we will just see what the lord has
planned for me.  I am sorry this week is  a little dull, not to much
exciting happened just a lot of teaching and a lot of working just like
every other week. I heard that Grandpa Lovells surgery went well, hang
in there G-pa im praying for you. Well I love you all very much and I
hope that you have a wonderful week this week. Love ,
Elder Bowring

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