Monday, March 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week has been a pretty good week. Another hard working week
but I guess they are alright? Well there honestly isn’t anything
that jumps out at me right away that was just fantastic about our week
this week. We were scheduled to have a baptism this week but that got
moved back. Guys name is Ayuba and is a Muslim. I guess with any
Muslim you are teaching and they are progressing, you have to inform
President about it and so he can interview them before there baptism.
I guess in the past here in Africa they have had problems with Muslims
joining the church and then after they join the church there family or
just other Muslims coming and either burning there house down or doing
stuff to them. I have even heard that they will shove you inside of
some big tires and then light up the tires and roll  you down a hill,
so its some pretty serious stuff. Well the baptism was scheduled for
Sunday but we didn’t find this out until Saturday, so president said
he wants to meet with him next week and we will have the baptism this
week. Its good Though, feel like it is actually better to give him one
more week to prepare and to get ready. I don’t think that he will have
any problems with his family either because he has a brother and a
sister who are Christians already to so I think that we have the green
flag for this week. We are also having one other women coming to be
baptized this week named sister Attah, she is sick. She has been
sitting with missionaries since about 1998 and has such a solid
testimony of the church. The only thing that was holding her back was
her other church. Well over the last few months she has been trying to
cut off things with her church because she knows that she needs to be
with us. Well I guess a few years ago she was needing some help
with some money for school and the church gave her 200 Ghc. The thing
is that she never asked for the money , they just gave it to her by
surprise and now that she is wanting to leave the church they are
telling her that she has to pay the money back. We just told them
that if that is what it was going to take to leave then she was going
to do it and she went to the church last week and told them that she
isn’t coming back , so we saw her at church this week for the 2nd time
and she is very excited for her baptism this week. I am really excited
about it. It should be a good week. We have to take both of them to
the temple this week on Thursday for interviews with president so that
will be sweet to go to the temple with a few investigators. This week
we have had like no water, our land lord just tries to steal money
from the church so what he did was hooked up the water pump to our
house so that it used all of our electricity and we have been having
problems with him for the last 2 months so the church finally decided
to just get us our own separate poly tank and water pump so our line
was cut this week, hopefully today they will get everything put in. I
guess today is my 18 months day to, wow that is crazy. Been out for 1
½ years now. Time flies by for sure, last night me and Elder Forrest
burned some pants (I burned a shirt to because I forgot to for my 1
year ) Its coming up quick. I talked to my mission president about a
release date and I guess he is working on it right now so hopefully
within the next few weeks ill have my release date. Well family, I
hope that everything back home is going well. I sure do love you all
and I hope that you have a wonderful week. Love
Elder Bowring

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