Monday, January 27, 2014

Bobby named this picture "SWAG"

Elder Pearman, Elder Zaugg & Elder Bowring

January 27,, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week was just another action packed week haha.   This week we finally got the November Liahona so I can FINALLY read the General conference talks. I have been dissecting them all week and they are so good. Its always great to read those talks, we can learn so much from the apostles and prophets. I actually got some letters this week to which was very nice. I love getting letters. Elder Cooper also got his birthday package that you sent him mom, he was so excited about it and was just pumped about it. He said he is going to email you so I guess just be ready for that haha. It was nice to see him so happy though. I forgot to say last week that I got Grandma and Grandpa Lovells package to. I have already almost destroyed all of the jerkey haha its so good, so thank you for that. This week we have been going and playing soccer every other morning. There is a small little dirt field near our compound so we run over there in the mornings and we play against eachother. Its fun, its almost like morning basketball (not quite as good though) I’m starting to get some real skills going though haha jk I still aint to good but its nice to go out there and run around and sweat and have some competition going on. Sometimes it can get a little heated with the Africans but that’s ok I love the competition haha. Anyways this week I had a really cool experience. Me and Elder Cottrell were going around all day and we had only had a couple of lessons, just a ton of bounces. It was really getting frustrating. Anyways we went to the clinic that one of our investigators works at to see if he was there so we could teach him. Well he wasn’t there so we just tried to see if he was to his house. (his house is right by the clinic) Well while we were walking out to his house a women started running up behind us and it turned out to be our Second Counsilors wife. I guess he was in the clinic and was really sick and had Malaria. He saw us and wanted us to come and anoint him. He had a friend who was coming but it was just his friend so I was able to anoint him and his friend was able to Give the blessing. Its such a blessing to have the priesthood and to just be able to use it when ever you need to use it. That is one thing that I wish I wouldn’t have taken for granted for back home was fathers blessings. I would kill for one of those right now. Anyways, I know that for the rest of my life I am going to stay worthy so that will be in a position to use my priesthood and help somebody out because it really can bring about miracles. Such a blessing in our lives. Well this week we had a good week at church. We got one of our less active brothers to come. His name is Dr. Richard and it has been along time since he has been to the church. He had some health issues that drew him away from the church but we have been able to help him with his doubts and concerns and I am just praying that he comes back stronger than ever but he took the first step by coming back to church so that was exciting to see. We had about 7 investigators to church  so that was awesome. One  of the Tarplah’s is going to be baptized this Saturday also. I am so excited for him. The wife and the husband are getting really close to finalizing there legal marriage so the wife, Cynthia, is going to be baptized soon. I am so excited, I just love that family so much. They are just awesome. Well anyways, yesterday, Elder Enwukwari (the same elder I got into a little fight with last week) Tried to punch his companion. It was strait up crazy. They had been fighting all day and they got into a huge fight AT CHURCH and was just causing a seen in front of all the members. It was so embarrassing.  Me and Elder Cottrell did what we could to calm them down until the zone leaders showed up. Then later that night they got into it again and that is when Elder Enwukwari tried throwing a punch. It was pretty crazy because I was holding Enwukwari back so he had to like swing around my me. It was strait up crazy. Anyways, needless to say president was called and we now have an emergency transfer going down for this week. One of the zone leaders, Elder Finau is moving in with us to be Enwukwari’s companion for the week. We have transfer news coming this week so we will see what will happen. Any ways I guess we will see how it all is. Got to love mission. Learning new things everyday. Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week J I know I will J Love Elder Bowring

January 20, 2014

Well Fam, this week has been a very interesting week.  Had some good moments and some discouraging ones to. Any ways on Tuesday I went on Exchange with one of my district members, Elder Morrision. He is from Ghana and he is 27 years old. Crazy, I felt weird like training him and what not because he is like 8 years older than I am but o well, it was really good and he is a great missionary. We have a lot of new people that we are teaching that are just sweet people. One of the guys names is Dexton. He works at a clinic in the Lab looking at blood samples and what not so I thought that was cool. I told him that Ashly and Brooke are doing the same stuff and he was all excited and thought that was cool. This week to we found some people to teach in the Ex. President of Liberia's house. We were walking by the compound and could see it was a huge house inside so I peaked my head through the gate to look at it and somebody saw me and told me to come in The president hasent lived in the house for a long time and just has a few people care take for the place but it is HUGE. I seen my first swimming pool there to. Its not running and doesn’t have any water in it but it used to be so I thought that was cool. I really feel like we ran into those people for a reason though so I guess we will see how it goes when we go back this week to teach them. Well it was pretty fun this week, one of our member families bought some crabs for dinner one night while we were there, so we helped her kill them for her. What you do is rip off one of the claws and then open up the middle of its stomach and shove the claw inside and kill it haha. Pretty brutal but it was fun and then we got to go back the next day and eat some in a soup she prepared. It was good. This week Elder Cooper came into my room one night and said that he had a zit on his back or something. So he took off his shirt and showed me it and he had a HUGE zit/pimple thing right in between his should blades so I had the honor to pop it for him. I felt like I was on one of those Youtube videos That this was so big and had so much crap in it. It was nasty but I did get it on video so you will get to see it eventually haha. You probably didn’t need to hear that but I thought it was funny. Well Friday we had interviews with president Kirkham and they were awesome. He is such an awesome guy and he just has the spirit with him so strong. He gave me some good advice on being a District Leader and told me I was doing a good job so that was good to hear. Well Saturday me and Elder Cottrell had an awesome day. Everyone of our lessons were just so great and spiritual. We had a lady who we have her a Book of Mormon and like Wednesday and then we asked her about her reading. She had read almost all of 1 nephi and told us about it, IN detail what she read. It was the craziest thing ever, I have never seen that in Liberia. It was awesome. We had a bunch of other lessons that were good to, but just to put a damper on it, NONE of them came to church the next day. We had 1 investigator come to church so that was really discouraging. I was a bit bummed but I guess we will just come and hit it hard this week.  We are hoping to start having some baptisms here soon so I hope they won't fall through.  Any ways things here are still going good, definitely learning a lot, how to deal with people and not how to deal and how to handle things.  It will be good to learn all of this stuff and I am learning a bunch of life skills. Got to love the mission experience haha. Well love you guys. You guys are awesome J Have a great week.  
Elder Bowring