Monday, March 9, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week has been just another good solid week. I am starting to
get used to my area and everything here so that is good.
Thing that is good is that we have alot of good investigators and they
are always keeping us busy so that always gets me excited
Tuesday this week was just a normal day but i could tell that my
companion wasnt feeling up to normal, and then Wednesday came
and I could really tell that he just didnt have energy and that he was
feeling pretty bad, and he insisted that we still go out so i wasnt
going to argue because i would do the same thing. By about 6 he was
feeling pretty bad so we went in a little early and let him sleep.
Thursday he was back at it again but by the time that we got home he
crashed pretty hard and then friday he could barley get out of bed.
I knew he couldnt go out on friday so i told him he needed to stay and
rest and luckily for me , one of the other missionarys leg was bugging
him this week so he offered to just stay in with him so me and his
companion just went out and proselyted. It was pretty chill. His name
Elder Vandehei from Tennesee. He is sweet and has only been out for about 5
months but we really enjoyed. I felt like i was able to help him a
little bit to because his companion goes home soon and is dying a little bit,
so i hope that helped a bit. My companion still isnt 100 % but he went
out on saturday and Sunday so that was good. This week we got alot of help
from the members which was awesome. We got a referal from one of
the members this week on Wednesday. His name is Daniel. The member we
got the referal from works at the hospital and his buddy that he gave
to us is there because in the past he has had a bad drug habit with
like heroin and cocain and stuff like that so he went to the hospital
to get some help and he is doing really well. He is so ready and open and prepared
for the gospel though, its awesome. We taught him twice this week and
he came to church and loved it and said he is coming to FHE tonight to
the chapel so i am really excited about this guy. We are also working
with this one guy whose name is Sammuel, he has been coming to church for a
few months now but the only thing keeping him from being baptized
is that he has a drinking problem. This week he brought all of his
children to church and after church i sat with him and he said that he
is really trying hard to be able to quit drinking and he wants him and his family
to be bapized. I am really praying hard that he can over come his
problem so that he is able to be baptized. We gave him the 22nd of March to
stop so i hope that is enough time. Had another cool experience just
right before i came into the cafe today. This morning me and Elder Vandehei
went to circle to grab some things and also to meet up with Joshua
(i got the package with his screen and stuff) So we met up with him.
It was really cool to see him again and he is doing really well. He is
starting up school next week and is doing good. Anyways , on our way back in
circle (Circle is the huge market) I saw this sick Collin Kaepernick
Jersey hanging up so i just told Vandehei i wanted to see how much it was. I
was willing to pay about 60 cedes for it , so i asked him how much and
he said 40 and then i asked him to help me with 30 and he said ok haha so i
just got a sick new authenic Kaepernick jersery for about 10 bucks. He
took my number and he called me right before we got into the cafe and said
that he wants to come and worship with us at church so i invited him
to the FHE tonight so we will see if he comes. The lord works in mysterious ways
i guess haha. Anyways, looking forward to a good week this week, we
have 2 baptisms planned for on sunday so i am excited for those. Work is
really moving forward nicely here. Love you all and have a good week,
Elder Bowring

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