Monday, March 9, 2015

February 2, 2015

Dear family ,
Well I hope that you all had a good week. We had a pretty solid week
again this week. Honestly its just about the same stuff every week so
I will try and keep it interesting. Every week just seems like a blur
of the same stuff. Anyways, we did a good job this week again
teaching. I can tell that my companion hasn’t worked this hard his
whole mission, but he is really being a trooper and doing good. The
other day we watched the Joseph smith movie for a lesson and both me
and my companion fell asleep haha it was funny.  This week there is
the African cup going on which is just all the African nations playing
soccer against each other.  Like a mini version of the world cup. I
have an investigator who is die hard soccer and so we taught him a
lesson at the half of the Ghana game on Tuesday and ended up watching
the second half with him haha, it was pretty sweet though, we just
watched out side in one of the small shops and there was a bunch of
people gathered together and Ghana ended up scoring two goals and
winning.  When they scored my investigator just came up and gave me a
big old hug and we were going crazy so that was pretty fun.  This
Friday I had an exchange with my ZL Elder Fairwell , he came to my
area. It was pretty good, it was nice to get back to the Liberian way
of doing things haha, we talked a lot about Liberia and just all that
stuff, so it was a pretty good exchange. Made me miss Liberia.  This
week Sunday was pretty good, we ended up only have one person come
again, it was Ayuba. He was pretty pumped about church again and we
are going to baptize him next week. He is really excited. It was
funny, at the first of the week we were talking to him about his
baptism how it is in two weeks and he just kept telling us how far
away it is. He is really anxious. I love the guy though. He is about
21 but he isn’t two mature for his age, he is kind of like a small
child at mind a bit and I really love the guy. Also he doesn’t know
how to read so on Saturday we just devoted a whole lesson to teach him
the basics of reading. I have met a lot of people on my mission who
didn’t know how to read, but I have never really taken the time to sit
with them and teach them how to read.  I think we are going to keep it
up and keep teaching him how to read maybe like 2 times a week to see
if we can help him out. Even though we had only 1 person at church on
Sunday , we have a lot of people who are really good and who seem
promising.  They all have the desire to be baptized we are just really
trying hard to get them to take a few more steps of faith by coming to
church regularly and being able to gain that testimony of the gospel.
We are going to keep up the hard work though. Also on Saturday we just
randomly decided to buy a chicken at the market and kill it and give
it to one of Elder Forrest Investigators to cook for us so we had some
pretty good chicken on Saturday I was pumped about that. Another thing
that happened this week was that ECG (electrical company ) Decided to
start a new pattern to give light. We now only have like for 12 hours
and then they take it for 24 and then give it to us for 12 again.
Freakin sucks, but I guess that is just the mission. Anyways, I love you
all so much and I hope you have an incredible week. 
Elder Bowring

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