Monday, March 9, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week has been quite the week. Had alot happen this week so i
guess i will just get to it. Tuesday was my last day in Dansoman and
that was good. We had our District meeting and then we did a lunch
together with Elder Forrest and his sisters in his district after
wards. We ate so much fetching rice and stew i was full after that
all. Well we went out into our area and we got fed 2 more times. i
have never prayed so hard for god to empty my stomach haha, luckily on
the last one home i was able to ask them to just bag it for me and I
took it home and shared it. I always hate saying goodbyes to people
and moving from a place that i have gotten used to but i guess that is
part of missionary work. Wednesday was our actual transfer day so we
all met at Tesano stake center to switch our companions. I got my new
companion from Uganda, Elder Kiwanukwa , he is a sweet guy and he is
even shorter than me so that is chill haha. I really like him though,
he is a really hard worker and is a good missionary. We got out into
our area and it is actually nice, we have some good investigators that
we are teaching unlike the last 2 areas i have been transferred to. The
area is so busy though, i am in the heart of the city. I thought
Dansoman was busy but it is nothing like here. In my area we are
proselyting on paved streets and there are so many businesses in my
area, like nice big story buildings and its just weird. Also in my
area we have a place called Circle. Its one of the busyist and one of
the biggest markets in Ghana. You can get about anything you want
there so that will be nice being here right before i go home. I almost
forgot what it is like to be new to an area though, i kind of don't
like it because  I don't know any body and don't know what to do or where
to go, so i just follow. On saturday i went on an exchange with one of
our district leaders in our zone, his name is Elder Weah, from Liberia
:) I was pumped, it was really cool to go out with him for a day and
just be able to relate to all the places back in Liberia and stuff. He
is a really cool guy and is a good missionary as well. I almost forgot
to say, our first night here we went to the chapel for a mid week
activity that we had and there is a ghetto basketball hoop there, so i
jumped in and played a little bit with the guys who were there and i
totally ripped the entire back of my shirt haha i took it to the
tailor and they said that they couldnt fix it ha. Anyways, Sunday was
good, we actually had a baptism on sunday , i didnt really know the
women, i only taught here twice but it was still good and it was cool.
The ward here is really good and we have already gotten alot of help
from them. I think it is really going to be a good place to stay. I
honestly hope this is just my last area and that i will just die here,
i aint in the mood to move again ha. The only thing that sucks is that
the apartment is pretty small but we can cope with it. Anyways, it
should be quite the week here, just getting used to things and
getting really settled in. It should be good though. I hope that you
all had a great week and i love you all very much,
Elder Bowring

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