Monday, June 8, 2015

April 6, 2015

Dear Famliy,
Well we had quite a busy and full week this week.  On the brightest
side of things, my new companion is actually really sweet and is down
to work hard. We get along really great and are enjoying eachother but
most importantly we are working hard so I am really happy about that.
I guess to start things off, Tuesday wasn’t a normal day because it
was Elder Kiwanuka’s last day in the area so he was saying goodbye to
a lot of people and we had to come back in a little early so he could
pack. Wednesday we had Transfers and so we got there at about 12 so I
could pick up my new companion.  We didn’t get out until about 3 that
day so we didn’t have a full day, so between those two first days, I
didn’t spend as much time as I would of liked in our area. To add onto
that, Thursday we had to go to the mission presidents house and we had
our Misison Leader Council that morning which took almost the entire
morning.  It was pretty good though, a little frustrating to be honest
because we talked a lot about the same stuff we talked about last MLC
but I guess go with the flow. So because of that we also didn’t get a
full day in our area. Friday we finally just had a normal day. Got to
know my companion pretty good. His name is Elder Moroke and is from
South Africa. He likes cricket a lot and he is kind of shy but we
actually connect and talk together a lot, already feel like we have
more unity than my last companionship so that is good. Saturday was a
pretty cool day. We had a Ward easter party planned for that day to
start at 4. We showed up around 4 and there was hardly any body there
, it was a little frustrating. As missionaries we were asked to take
part in the program so we decided to do a little skit. I am sure you
have seen the churches easter promotion the #becausehelives video. If
you havent its worth a look, anyways we had a bunch of pass along
cards with that on it so we asked the office elders to get the video
for us on a USB drive. Well they gave it to us and bounced and we went
to go and try it and it was a wrong format so we rushed to a near by
café and downloaded it our selfs and tried it again and it still
wasn’t working. Finally we figured out it was the USB so we had to run
home and get a different one and put it on there and it finally
worked. Our skit was me and Elder Vandehei pretended to be buddies, I
was a christain and he was a muslim. We pretended to go and sit at a
local food placeand we brought out a local dish Called Banku.
Everybody got a kick out of that, they think its so funny to see white
people eating there food. So then we just showed them how a casual
converstaion can lead us to sharing the gospel with friends and then
we gave out all the pass along cards to the members of the ward to
share with there friends so I hope it worked. The party was pretty
good and we ate good so that is always a bonus. Easter really snuck up
on me this year and I didn’t feel like I was really prepared for it,
but I did take a chance to read through the gospels of Jesus Christ
and his sacrafice for us. Its crazy, the more I try and learn of the
Atonment, the more I feel like I appreciate the sacrafice Christ made
for us. Something that really stood out to me this last time when I
was reading was just how firm christ stood his ground when he was on
trial. Sometimes he wouldn’t even awsner the questions they would ask
him. He knew what he was doing and his purpose and they just made me
as a missionary to always stand my ground and be dignified because of
my purpose. Anyways, I was a little bummed I couldn’t be watching
conference live though, I cant wait to hear the talks and be able to
read them, but don’t worry, next one I will be right there for it 
This week we have been preparing 2 people for baptism next week. One
guys name is Isaac, he is 20 and he is really sweet. He is the younger
brother to a RC and he is just excelling in the gospel. It just amazes
me time and time again how fast people pick up on the gospel and when
they are willing to take it in how much they just want more of it. I
am really excited for his baptism and we are also preparing sister
Stella for baptism to. She is the mother and wife of the Oteng family
and she is really doing well to , I am really happy to be able to
bring the whole family into the gospel. So that was basically my week.
Should have another good one this week, hoping for some rain. Love you
all so much,
Elder Bowring

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