Monday, June 8, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dear Family,
Well another week down, it was a good week as well, really busy as
always, it was really successful as well. On Tuesday we had our zone
training meeting that me and my companion had to present to our zone.
Usually I get a little nervous before we do it because I just want to
make sure that it is good and that people actually get something out
of it but I think it went well so I hope everyone else thought so.
Afterwards we decided to go get some pizza at a place near buy called
Eddy’s pizza because it was somebodys birthday in our zone so we went
and did that. Cost me half my subsistence but o wells haha. It took
more time that I was hoping for so we didn’t get out until like 2 or 3
that day but we had some good people that we were able to see.
Wednesday was not a normal day either. We went proselyting in the
morning but in the evening time we tried to meet up with the stake
president since that is one of our responsibilities as Zone leaders.
We could never get a hold of him though so I had a chance to talk to
one of his high councilors on Sunday so he told us that the stake
president would be at the stake center Wednesday night and would be
more than willing to meet with us so I informed the other Zone leaders
in the stake and we all showed up but no Stake President. It sucked
because it basically trashed our night but It was good because we
atleast got a hold of him finally and he agreed to do it this week so
I hope that will go well. Thursday was a really sweet day. We had a
chance to take sister Stella to the temple that evening for a special
interview with president. We took her Daughter, sister beauty along
with us as well (she is already baptized) and it was awesome to be
there with those two. We got the interview all finished up and then we
just kind of showed them around the temple grounds and just kind of
sat and looked at the temple. It was night time to so it was all lit
up and it was just awesome. I am so greatful for temples now,
especially being here in Ghana. These people are so blessed to have
one so close by. In Liberia it was a journey to get to the temple and
most people only got to go once. We are so blessed back home
especially in Utah to have the amount of temples around. Sister beauty
just kept asking me if we could go inside the temple , she is really
excited to be able to go, so hopefully soon we will get them there.
Saturday was pretty crazy to. It was just a normal day that morning
but in the afternoon , we hit a few appointments and then we looked up
in the sky and there was just pitch black heading at us. It looked
like we were about to prepare for a hurricane haha, (not that bad) but
we got to a members house real quick before it hit (my comp didn’t
want to go out in the rain so I didn’t have a choice ha) We almost got
stranded at their house. We were stuck there for about 2 hours until
there was  break in the storm so we booked it home and got in and by
that time it was around 8 so that finished the day for us.  The storm
continued until Sunday morning which sucked because no body ever comes
to church when it rains. Luckily the rain stopped by about 8:30 but
that still was enough of an excuse for a lot of people to not come. We
got sacrament started late and I was getting a bit worried about our
baptism candidates coming  but they both showed up and I was pumped
about that. It did disturb a lot of our other investigators who were
planning on coming though. We did get one other guy there though so I
was happy about that. The baptism went all really smoothly. It was
awesome to be able to see that family all together finally , they were
all so happy for there mother and the mother was so happy, I could
tell she felt great after wards. Even Isaac was pumped up to, his
brother is the one who got to baptize him so I thought that was really
cool. It was just a really good 2 baptisms that we had and I am so
happy for them. We are now just working on getting some other people
ready for baptism , doesn’t look like we will have any until may but
we have a lot of good people in the teaching pool, just got to get
them to commit to come to church. Anyways, that was about it for my
week this week, pretty good solid week, I am excited for this next
week. We are going to have a chance to watch the movie Freetown on
Friday so I am excited to see that. Well hope all have a great week
and I love you all,
Elder Bowring

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