Monday, June 8, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dear Family,
Well I honestly don’t know what I am going to write down in this
letter haha I just feel like this week was a pretty normal routine
week, just the same ole same ole missionary work.  Tuesday I started
not feeling so well, I think I probably got it from my companion from
what he had last week. It just progressivly got worse all day on
Tuesday and by the end of the proselyting day I didn’t feel to great.
I got a priesthood blessing that night though and was able to make it
through Wednesday and am atleast feeling better now. This week we had
a lot of light off, so me and Elder Vandehei put our mattresses out
side and our mosquito nets and slept inside. It gets so hot in your
bed at night with out a fan, you wake about about 1000 times in a
puddle of sweat.  It sucks , but luckly we got some good sleep out
there. Thursday I had an opprotunity to go on an exchange with Elder
Lierra, he is a Hispanic American California. I didn’t know him very
well before the exchange but we had a good time being together and
there was a lot learned, its been a while I feel like since I have
been on an exchange with somebody.  Its pretty crazy to be having a
companion who is going home so soon, these next two weeks are his last
weeks on mission. It just really makes me think about what I have done
with my time on my mission and to make sure that I am able to finish
strong and hard to the end. Ya we end up talking about home a lot some
times haha but I feel like we are still doing well diong the work to
the best of our ablility. We had an awesome Sunday this Sunday. It was
stake Conference and so we had to go to the temple sight to have our
conference there. I always get worried about trying to get
investigators there and make sure its an uplifting experience for
them.  Sunday morning we went out with bishop to see a few people
before the conference (didn’t start until 12) so we had a chance to
swing by a LA member who told us she would be coming with her friend
who we also started teaching. I was expecting them to not even be
ready and say next week when we rolled up, but I knocked on the door
and the friend was chillin there in her dress and out came the LA with
her and they were ready to go. I was pumped up and so was bishop haha.
Then we had another guy come who we have been working with since I got
to north ridge, he is really on and off so I hope that the conference
will get hima little more fired up to start coming on a regular basis.
Then we had another RC bring one of our Investigators with him to and
we didn’t find it out until after the confernce and he loved it to. It
was awesome, I think that they all enjoyed it. Another cool thing is
that I got to see all the people from Nsawam at the conference, as
soon as I got out of the Van that took us there , I saw my Deaf RC
Darius there and he just came up and gave me  a big ole hug , it was
so awesome. The cooelst thing is  is that he has brought like 7 other
deaf people to the church and Elder Peterson is still down there
taking good care of them. Its just crazy to see the work of the lord
in that way.  I love seeing old people and RC from other area’s still
strong. Not much of a better feeling than that. That was probably the
high light of the week for sure. This week should be pretty good, got
some good people to work with now and we have some conference on
Wednesday with a General Authority so that should be pretty good as
well. Sorry this letter is a little shorter than usual, but I hope
that you all enjoy your last days of April  love you all very much,
Elder Bowring.

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