Monday, June 8, 2015

April 20, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week was a really good week just as all of them are, they
just go by so fast now a day I cant believe it.  Well the week this
week was pretty normal, not anything out of the ordinary. Elder Moroke
wasn’t feeling the best this week, I think its because he is getting a
little nervous to go back home haha but because of that we came in a
few times early during the week to try and give him some good rest to
recover but he is atleast feeling better now so I am happy for that.
He is doing really good especially for only having 3 weeks left.
Anyways, Wednesday was the day that we were supposed to meet with our
Stake president again  and he freakin bounced us again. On top of that
we took a taxi over to the stake center and I left the phone in the
taxi on accident haha, the taxi driver wouldn’t awsner the phone
either when we tried to call it about 2 minutes after we had left it.
O wells I guess. Thursday was the longest day of the week, my comp
tried to go out in the morning but come 3 I could  tell he was hating
it so I took him back to the apartment and he
crashed hard haha. Friday was a really cool day, we actually had a
little rougher day proselyting that morning but that evening we had a
chance to go to the stake center and watch the Movie “Freetown” It was
sick. I don’t know if you have seen it yet but its really good. Holy
crap did it make me miss Liberia. Some of the places mentioned in the
movie I have served in. The only thing is , is that it was filmed in
Ghana and the actors in the movie are Ghanian so they talk with a
ghanian accent. There was a few people in the movie who had a Liberian
accent and that just pumped me up.  Its cool to, one of the
missionaries potrayed in the movie is now a district President in
Liberia and I know him very well, we had a christmas devotional at his
house my first christmas in Liberia. A few of the actors in the movie
were there so I was able to talk to a few of them.  It was really
cool.  I’m excited to watch it with you guys back home because it
really shows how things are like over here. Anyways , We had a good
Sunday, we got our Two confirmations in. One of them is Isaac and he
is just a stud, he always just comes up to me and asked me so many
question about things, like he just wants to know everything. We took
him with us to go teaching after church on Sunday and it was really
good.  I love hearing Recent Converts testimonys , they are seriously
so powerful . We also had one guy come to church this week for the
first time and the way he is feeling the spirit is crazy. He was
eating up service and he loved it so much. Its crazy by talking with
him seeing how much the lord is directing him to the church. Sometimes
we just have to point it out to him haha. He is one of the guys that
we went and helped bucket out his house about a month ago, so that is
what service can do for you haha. Ok funny story about last night.
Every Sunday night after we do all our numbers and stuff, we always
take our table out side of our apartment in our compound and go out
and eat together and then play some phase 10 together. We usually get
around to this at like 9, so it was about 9:30 and I went to go get
something in the apartment and it was totally locked. Sometimes the
door latches it when you close it so we were all stuck out side with
no key. We called president (luckily we had a phone) And we ended up
having to go to the mission office at 9:30 at night to go look for a
spare key. Funniest thing about it is that I always get into my Muslim
robe on Sunday nights and Elder Vandehei was in his as well, so we
rolled up to the mission home at 9:30 at night in our muslim robes
haha. It was funny. Well the spares didn’t work , so I ended up having
to breakin through our window and get my keys on my desk .
Miraculously we got it . It was pretty fun, but we still got a
successful game of phase 10 in. Well , that’s all I got for this week,
I hope that you all enjoy your week and know that I love ya tons. Love
Elder Bowring

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