Monday, June 8, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Family,
Well this week was a good week. Little bit slower it felt like to me
than the last week. Probably because the last two weeks just went by
so smooth this week we got brought back to normal work haha. It was
still a good week this week though. We got a lot more rain this week
so that was nice to get out of the sun. To be honest, looking back
this week there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that happened but
it was just a good week of proselyting. Last week we had a chance to
have 9 people come to church but this week we only had 2 people who
came , Bridget and John. They both came for the 2nd week and they have
just really loved and enjoyed it very much. Sister Bridget is a
miracle that we found her. We were proselyting one day and my
companion wanted to look at some side bags that somebody was selling
on the side of the road. So we started looking at some and a women
(Bridget) came over to us and said she was selling them. While my
companion was looking at some bags I was just kind of just staring off
into space not really paying much attention and then the women looked
at my scripture bag with pamphlets hanging out and said that she had
some of them. So I struck up a conversation with her and to be honest
she seemed pretty strange haha but she was really interested and
willing to learn. We have been going there for about 2 weeks now and
she has come to church both weeks and she has absolutely loved it. She
is half from Nigeria and half from Cameroon and has been in Ghana for
about 3 years and she said that she has been praying to god to find
the right church since she has came and now she has found it. I am
really excited for her. We are pushing to have her baptized on the
14th of June so that should be pretty exciting. As for our guy we were
supposed to baptize last week, he has gone straight MIA. Won’t pick
our calls and every time we go there he isn’t around so I don’t know
what’s going on with him.  I felt bad this week because the other
Elders In our apartment had a baptism planned for on Sunday as well
and the guess what, the guy strait didn’t show up. Our bishop is
probably wondering what the heck is going on. It did rain really hard
on Sunday though, that’s why a lot of our investigators didn’t show
up.  We ran into a stumbling block with sister Isha. She moved back in
with her Husband who is Muslim (we didn’t know she was married) People
here are weird, even if they are married they will just go off by
there selfs for a bit and then go back , its hard to explain. But I
guess her whole family is pretty hard core Muslim and she hasn’t told
them that she has been coming to church , so I think we might have a
little block to get over with her family. I am just really praying for
her that the lord will provide a way for her to come. The Oteng family
said that there family would disown her if she was to be baptized. We
will see what happens and  leave it into the lords hands. I am really
hoping to have some baptism here this month. I can’t believe that we
are in June now. It’s my last full month on mission and its really
starting freak me out.  I am just doing all I can do to make sure that
I use the rest of my time wisely. I think this week I have been
stressing out a little bit on the small things I think because I just
don’t want to look back and say that there was more that I could of
done, but at the same time I know I am doing all I can do.  Anyways ,
we will see what god will do for me in my last month in Africa. I am
really going to miss these people that is for sure. Anyways, hope you
all have a great week this week and that you are enjoying your summer.
Love you all
Elder Bowring

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