Monday, June 8, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear family,
Well this week has been a great week with a lot of ups and one down
haha. I guess just to start off, we had our baptism scheduled for on
Sunday with our investigator named David and he just decided not to
show up. I still don’t know what happened but we tried calling him and
he wouldn’t pick up our calls. We had the member who is staying with
him try and call him and he picked up but as soon as he found out it
was the member he cut the line, so I don’t know what is happening.
This guy is just werid. Other than that we had a really good week this
week. The weeks just continue to fly by and its just weird because
they are so limited now. I shared with you last week that me and my
companion did some good work and got 49 lessons last week, well we
upped the pace this week and we were able to hammer out 56. Making
sure we are leaving it all on the court. We are really seeing our
efforts being rewarded to, even though on Sunday we had our baptims
fall through, we had 9 people show up to church. Its been a while
since I have had that  happen. We have some really good people we are
teaching right now ,and they just all kept rolling in on Sunday. On
top of that I got to see 4 of my Recent converts receive the Aaronic
preisthood , so that was really cool and I was pumped for that, so I
had a really good Sunday even though we had a fallen through baptism.
Just an update on our muslim women sister Isha, she is doing really
well , came to church again this week for the third week in a row and
she has commited to be baptized on the 14th of next month  Strait
pumped about that. We have this other guy named John who we started
teaching last week who came this week who is also really sweet. For
him, one day I just felt like we needed to go and see this member who
I have only met once, she just kept poppin into my mind, I didn’t
really even know her exact house because I had only been there once
when I first came to this area. Well we found her place and we wanted
to contact some people around it but she was leaving right then and
didn’t really give us the time of day. So I was just wondering , what
the heck, why did we come out here (it was pretty far)  We started
back and decided to contact on the way coming back and we ran into
this guy with a little stand selling books, he offered us a chair
right away and there we went. He loves the church and has been
noticing differences in churches for some time now. He absolutly loved
church on Sunday and I think we will throw him a Baptism date this
week sometime.  I could go on and on about people who we had come this
week, just seeing a lot of miracles happen here. This week we got some
bikes for our area to. My first two Transfers here I havent had a bike
because my other companions didn’t like to ride especially in the city
and the other elders before them had the office take the bike back, so
we got those back this week. My bike is pretty little haha but Its
good. They are just so much faster and efficent. We got caught in a
rain storm on them on Saturday, it rained from like 2 till we went to
bed, so we just cruised our bikes in the rain, it was pretty fun.
Nothing else really sticks out to me to much from this week. I am just
really excited about the success that we had this week and I just pray
that all these people we are working with will progress so that I can
see them all be baptized before I go. It is really weird to think that
most of these people that I am sitting with now, I may be home before
they get baptized. Mission just comes and goes to fast. 6 weeks left
to go hard haha. I really have enjoyed my mission though and it is
gettting pretty bitter sweet coming so close to the end. I have just
really loved doing the work and serving these people here in West
Africa. I hope that you all have a wonderful week this week. Love
Elder Bowring

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  1. Dear Elder Bowring,
    What an incredible story I just read on the internet about you and your companion saving the little baby and family. So glad you are safe. I was shocked when I saw your last name--Bowring!!! Would love to know how we are related. If you can send me names of your grandparents, g-grandparents etc that would be great. I can figure it out. My husband comes from Henry Ebenezer Bowring. Best wishes on your mission. May the Lord continue to direct your path. Can't wait to read your blog. Bless you, Mollie Bowring (