Monday, June 8, 2015

May 11, 2015

Dear Family,
Well  yesterday was awesome to be able to skype with all of you and be
able to talk with you all face to face.  What is even crazier is that
we will be doing that again really soon. That was defintly the high
light of the week for me for sure. Well this week was pretty good, it
took a little more effort this week to move along, it was my
companions last week and he had a lot of last time things he needed to
take care of and some stuff he needed to get. Then on top of that, it
was his last week so his mind was pretty heavy on home, but we still
had an effective week. This week to add onto it, we had our Mission
Leader council on Thursday that we went up to , that took out a big
chunk of our day as well.  We talked about some good stuff, it is
always good to go to MLC to see a bunch of the missionaries that I am
good buddies with.  Saturday we had a ward party for my companion and
for the other Elder in my apartment because they are both going. It
was pretty good, lots of members showed up so that was awesome.
Honestly this week is just a blur to me right now, I feel like I said
most of the important things on skype with you guys so I cant remember
what I said or not. We have found some really good people who we are
teaching and really trying to help. On Saturday we went by and we saw
this investigator named micheal that we have been seeing for a few
weeks now. He is stuggling with the Word of Wisdom and we have been
trying to help him with that. Well on Saturday we went there and I
went back to get him and when I got there he was standing there
holding a beer bottle in his hand, it was pretty disappointing and he
was pretty ashamed of it to. We sat and talked with him and he didn’t
really know what to say execpt that he was ashamed. He wasn’t able to
come to church either because he was sick all day Sunday and he said
its because of the alcohol that he got sick, so I hope he learns his
lesson on that and we can get him on the right track . We are also
teaching a new family that we found just last week that I am really
excited about. It is a younger family, we contacted the wife a few
weeks back by her self and tehn we got the chance to see her husband
this week because he had gotten sick , so that opened the door right
up for us to come and to teach the whole family . They even came
Saturday night to the church for my Companion and the other
missionaries party and the members really fellowshipped them well. I
really have high hopes for them. They werent able to make it to church
on Sunday though because they accidently slept in on Sunday. We still
had a good day on Sunday though, had 3 people come to church so I was
happy for that, one of them is a muslim  so I hope we can really get
her. She loved church on Sunday. All we did for church this week was
watch conference. There was some really good talks there. We only got
a chance to watch the Sunday morning session and then like 3 on the
Saturday morning session until light went off. It was good though, I
cant wait to go back and read all the talks though.  My companion left
this morning so me and Elder Vandehei are giong to be companions here
for a few days until Wednesday when we pick up our new companions. I
already told you but I am getting Elder Forrest as a companion. We
were together in my last area in the same apartment and we both came
to the MTC the same time, so I am really excited to end my mission off
with him. It will be really sweet. It will be a big week of change
this week with 2 new people coming into the apartment but I am excited
to get things underway again. This week has just been kind of long
with my companion preparing to go home and then with the mothers day
call home so I am ready to just get down to work again and see what we
can do with these last 58 days.  Sure do love you all and I hope you
have an awesome week. Love
Elder Bowring

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