Monday, September 30, 2013

District Conference & Received 3 Packages Yay!!!!

September 30, 2013
Well this week was CRAZY let me just tell you that, but it didn't get crazy until just a couple days ago. 
Last week on monday for P-Day we went and played soccer at a place called the BYC field and it was sick. (That mean's cool) It was an all turf field, full sized and was super nice. We had to pay 100 Liberian dollars to play on it (which is a little more than 1 U.S dollar ) I played a couple of games and played a little basketball so it was really nice to get out and run. When i was running on the turf field i just kept getting flash backs of my glory days playing football haha. Anyways i got a little bit sun burned but it felt good and i was enjoying it. You told me that you were playing Beaver this week and i totally forgot to tell you that I have an Elder in our apartment complex who is from Beaver. His name is Elder Ericson so we always talk alot about hunting and stuff because he is big into hunting and we can relate alot so its cool. On Tuesday we had district meeting and President Kirkham and his wife came to sit in on it. At first i was just like, what did we do wrong ha, but no it was a really good meeting. He had a lot of good input and and one of the things he talked alot about was being humble as a missionary and always wanting to learn more. I really can work a lot on that because i realized that through my life, i hate to change my ways and what i am doing. I always have just thought that my way is the best and that no matter what you say i aint going to listen. (you have probably recognized this mom) So that is what i am going to be working on out here, is being more humble and more willing to learn and actually take the things i learn into my life to make me better. On tuesday after district meeting we had some plumber guy to come and fix some leaks in our apartment so we had to stay in all day because he was there. It wasn't as bad as the first time we stayed in. I studied my scriptures and read a lot of conference talks which was good and then the zone leaders came in and we played a game of phase 10 which was fun. But while i was studying i found a verse in D&C that i like. Its in section 123:17. You can look it up and see for yourselves haha. 
Ok i totally forgot to tell you this story from like a couple weeks ago. Ok so me and Elder Zaugg were teaching Lesson 1 and we got to the great apostosy and i was trying to explain it. I had them read the verse out of AMOS 8:11-12 and it talks about the lord sending a famine, not a famine of bread or a thirst for water but a famine of hearing the words of the lord or something to that point. When i was trying to explain this verse to them i said "now you can see that the lord didnt send a famine of breast" HAHAHA. I totally got tongue tied with the words bread and thirst and said breast so i am not going to lie i started to just laugh and so was Elder Zaugg and we couldn't stop so we just ended the lesson since that was the last thing we were talking about any ways haha. But another cool story that happened this week was we went to see this lady named Tarrisa. Her daughter is a member and this was our first time seeing her. When we walked up she was reading the bible. We were only planning on sharing a scripture so i figured i would share something out the bible but i didnt know what to share. Then i got the impression to share a scripture on faith and so i shared hebrews 11:1. Turns out she had been reading about faith earlier that morning and so we sat there and talked with her about it. What was even cooler is Elder Zaugg just opened up his bible and it went right along with what we were talking about. It was a cool experience. 
So on friday we had a service project to go and cut some grass and to help some people out. ON the way there, there was a truck stuck in a huge puddle so me and Elder Zaugg hopped in and pushed it out. THe puddle was a lot deeper than i thought it would be and it went past my rain boots so my feet got soaking wet.
Any ways now to the crazy part of the week. On friday we got transfer news because the new transfer starts today. I went in not thinking anything of it because i am in training and typically when you are training you stay with your companion for two transfers. TYPICALLY. So ya i went into transfer news and i learned that i am getting a new companion tomorrow to finish my training. I am a little bummed out because me and Elder Zaugg are just Bro's now and we get along so good. HE is now going to be our new Zone Leader since our other one got called to be the Next AP. He is going to be a great zone leader but i am going to miss him as my companion. Luckily he is just moving one apartment down so we will see each other every night and still get to talk and stuff. So my new companions name is Elder Guymond and i don't know much about him. He is from Utah and that is about all i know. I saw him last week playing soccer but that was it. We didn't talk or anything so it is going to be an interesting week. It will be kind of cool though because i will get to show him our area and our investigators and i will be the senior companion in a way ;) So it will be an interesting week for sure.
This week i got 3 PACKAGES. I got 1 from Aunt Daliene so thank you so much for that. Me and Elder Zaugg ate the ice cream sandwhiches you sent and they were really good so thanks:):)  The other 2 were from you Mom and dad and i was so pumped to get my ipod. I have already listened to it enough to kill the battery and have to recharge it but i love listening to music again :):) All the treats are good and the packages made my week so keep them coming :):) 

So a quick answer to your questions. 
Right now there are 0 wards in LIberia, so that is what we are really working hard to get. Our church building is in an old school building and is super Ghetto, its sweet :) There are some pretty nice church buildings around for other branches to though. The Logan Town Branch (my branch) Has a ton of members but none of them come so we are trying really hard to make it stronger and to get more people to come and have move people from the branch help us. Its a long process but things are improving small. There isnt a piano in our school house we go to so i havent been able to bust out my Bethoveen like skills yet but i am waiting to haha. I probably wont have very much time every week to send you or mom personal emails because it takes a while to send out the general one so i love you guys and hope you have an awesome week

How people are you teaching right now?   We are teaching like 20 right now.

Are you going to meet Tarissa again?  I hope we can this week but she isn't one of our main investigators so we will have to pop in and see how she is doing.  

Thought for the week

"People Don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"

Well i hope you all have a great week, love you all 
Elder Bowring

Tri-Zone Conference - The mission president and his wife are the last 2 on the right front row.  Elder and Sister Kirkham  Elder Bowring is 7th from the left on the back row, and his companion, Elder Zaugg is to the left of him.  They both look happy and healthy!!!! 

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