Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Well This week was an interesting week. I got my new companion Elder Guymon on Tuesday and we went out and taught. He is definitely a lot different than Elder Zuagg but we taught together well. On Wednesday Elder Guymon had to go to a training all day so I went on splits with Elder Khaishai in his area. It was really good , he stays in my apartment so we are really good friends and we taught a bunch of lessons. One of the lessons we taught was to this girl they had been teaching and we asked her mother to join. Her mother was a hard core Baptist so she sat there and tried to confound us on a bunch of stuff out of the bible. I totally gave it to her, I was just whipping out some scriptures that I seen Elder Zaugg use from the bible and I was setting her striat haha, I didn’t convert her on the spot but we got her to think a lot and we got her to commit to read the book of Mormon so that was really sweet. So this wee we worked really hard on one of our investigators. His name is Sensie (they have some strange names in Africa). Anyways we have been teaching this guy since I got here. He has been doing so good and he is so receptive to everything we tell him. Unfortunatley he has been having problems with Word of Wisdom and Chastity (Most of Africa has these). He is married but he has still been going out and fornicating with people. He knows it isn’t right and he wants to change, so we gave him a family proclamation to read and he seriously loved it. We went over it with him and now all he wants is for his wife to know that he loves her and that he wants to make his family stronger. He is seriously such an awesome guy and I cant wait to baptize him, so we are going to work on his wife also. He came to church this week so we heading in the right direction. I love this guy he is so awesome. In Liberia it is sad because the family structure here is just terrible. Even for the members, family just isn’t that important and I want to help them realize how important family is so bad so I hope we can do that for Sensie. We teach so many lesson a day it is almost hard to keep track of who we all see. This week we got 2 new missionaries in our apartment, I freaking loved it. I am now not the youngest on mission and I feel great haha. One night this week in the apartment, we totally got some shaving razors and shaved our arms. IT was so stupid and now my arms are bald haha. After that Elder Humphrey’s (my zone leader) Shaved a batman symbol into my chest it is pretty sweet not going to lie haha. This week I got some letters from some people but the zone leaders aren’t letting me have them until my birthday, so I will have something for my birthday which will actually be pretty nice.  So this week Me and Elder Guymon had a pretty sweet lesson. We were walking by this place where people go to smoke and drink. There was a guy there who always is calling us over and we usually ignore him. Any ways he called us over again and we decided to go in even though we were probably just going to get made fun of. Well we sat down and there was about 15 guys in there and we were both just thinking leave them some pamphlets and then we can just get out of here. Well we started to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ and there was just this spirit there that was so calming. Usually in a lesson with a bunch of people, there is a lot of people not paying attention making distractions and making it hard, but teaching these guys everyone was listening and focused on what we said. The lesson was super spiritual and was so awesome because given the circumstances it wasn’t supposed to be a good lesson at all. Yesterday at church was good. We finally had a PEC meeting with our branch. Our branch is really stuggling. They don’t have half the people in auxillary postions that they need and things are so disorganized. It is frustrating but the presidencancy is trying and they have improved since I have been here. We found out that a member in our ward sells ties. The ties are called Jatala ties and there like the best you can get in Africa. They are made in Nigeria and are super nice and we can get them for 4 dollars a tie. I got 4 Yesterday and they are super sweet. I want to come home with like 50 of them so keep on sending money J Well I hope you all had a super awesome week and that things are still going good J Love you all. Happy birthday last week to Wyatt hope it was awesome :)
Elder Bowring

Dad can you get a copy of my ministeral card and send it with me that would be sweet. 
I finally got some letter sent off this week so i hope they get to you soon. We didnt get to watch General confernce over here yesterday. The elders here say that we usually dont get it for a month which sucks but i cant wait to get them in the Liahona. I love you MOm and Dad and i hope you guys have an aweomse wee

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