Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 BAPTISM!!!!!!

Well this week was an awesome week, we had a lot more lessons. I think we ended up having 27 this week so it was good and they were all awesome. Well last week on P-day we went to another nice place to eat. It was so nice, it had AC and I got me a steak sandwhich. It cost 8 U.S dollars (which is a ton here) but it was so worth it. I literally almost died and went to heaven when I tasted the steak haha. So on tuesaday I went on an exchange with my District Leader Elder Osayi. It was so awesome. I am really starting to get to enjoy all of the African Elders here. At first I didn’t really know how to connect with them or how to really have a conversation with them but now its great. Elder Osayi is my grandpa(He trained elder zaugg) and he is in our same apartment with me and Elder Guymon so we are really good friends now. We went into his area so I didn’t know any of the investigators but it was still just a good day, I learned a lot from him. Honestly all these Africans know there bible so well, they are so smart with it so that Is what I am trying to learn the most right now from them. This week on wednesday and Thursday Me and Elder Guymon got the opportunity to teach seminary because the teacher was out of town and we didn’t really have anyone else in our branch who could teach it. It was pretty fun, we had only like 4 students each time but it was nice to be able to teach in more depth than we usually do. Because honestly here, when we are teaching people and investigators it is honestly like teaching primary to most of them. Some of them are really smart and intelligent but some we have to teach things so simple and talk so simple. Like I said before though we taught a lot of lessons this week but what was so awesome about them is that we had such a strong spirit with us while we were teaching this week. This week we only got to sit down with Sensie once and we are still at a stand still with him because he still hasn’t talked to his wife. I think we got a plan to go and see her this week though so I am crossing my fingers that it will happen because he is ready to be baptized, me and Elder Guymon just both feel like we need to wait for his wife first though. This week we found out to that Wolobah is staying at a different friends house in another area so we weren’t able to see him and we are hoping that he comes back to logan town. I will be straight up devastated if he doesn’t come back and we cant see again. O ya and this week our investigator Ajavon got locked up. Ok im not going to lie I kind of laughed a little bit when I heard he got locked up (probably not the best thing). I guess he got into a fight and the police went and took him to jail. Some times the police are weird here, so we didn’t get to see ajavon or Thomas this week at all so we are going to see them this week to. We still have some solid investigators we are teaching though. We honestly are teaching so many people its hard to keep track of them. Right now we are just kind of trying to weed out the serious ones who will keep commitments and everything.
So this week I FINALLY had my first baptisms J We baptized three people. There names are Mary Borwah, George Bowrah, and Hannah Harris. They are all kids, (Mary is 19, goerge 8, Hannah 9)and they are our branch presidents children (kinda shows you how much they value family here, we had to come and teach them instead of the family just teaching them). It was so awesome though, the little girl Hannah is going to be so strong in the church when she grows up and so is the Boy George. The baptism was sweet. I didn’t legitamatly baptize any of them because President Borwah Baptized Mary and Goerge and then Elder Guymon Baptized Hannah. Yesterday we got to confirm them in church and I got to confirm Mary and it was just awesome. I was seriously so happy, I just kept catching my self smiling for no reason. I love it, I am finally starting to feel the joy that comes with teaching people the gospel and seeing them come into the church. It is honestly a joy that I cant describe but I just felt like everything we are doing is so right and I just get geeked over it haha. This week at church was good. Next week we are having a special fast to try and find a new building for our branch because our building is absolute crap(doesn’t even have electricity). So that will be interesting to see how much faith our little branch actually has. I am excited though.
Quick funny story for this week. On wednesday we get this random text that says I love you. We had no idea who it is was from so I text them and asked who it was and then asked them if they knew who they were talking to. They text back and said her name was regina and that she was talking to the elders so I was a little creeped out so I just ignored it. Well later in the day she calls us, and I answer the phone and she says that she just wanted to call me to express her feelings to me hahaha, so I just hung up and then the next morning she calls again so elder Guymon answered the phone and she told him that she had a dream about him the night before that they got married hahahaha. So we took the phone to the zone leaders and got it all worked out. That women was crazy haha so you got some competition ashly haha jk. I got a package from grandpa and grandma Bowring this week so thank you for that. I already ate a whole bag of the dried apples you sent they were so good. All is going good over here in Africa. I hope you all have an awesome week. 
Elder Bowring

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