Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 21, 2013

Well This week was kind of a tough one im not going to lie. All week we had a ton of bounces on appointments and it was really hard to see people this week. Its so frustrating. We only had 1 investigator come to church so that sucked to.  Anyways, last week on P-day we went to the beach again and it was just as good as the first time. We played a little soccer on the beach and then just chilled. We decided that the only thing that Utah is missing is a beach ha.  Well on Tuesday we had district meeting and I was chosen to give the instruction for it. I chose to talk about the Book of Mormon on conversion and I thought it went well. For district meeting I  gave the spiritual thought, conducted the hymns, and gave the instruction. Anyways that was good. On Wednesday we had interviews with President Kirkham and I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect but the interview went really good. He just asked me how things were going and gave me some good advice and everything. I didn’t get chastised at all which I thought was sweet because I heard a couple missionarys got it kind of rough haha. While we were there I bought some books to read to. They are Jesus the Christ (which I hear has a lot of deep doctrine stuff in it and its huge), Our heritage, which talks about the history of the church, true to the faith, which has just a lot of basic doctrine stuff, and then our pursuit of happiness or something like that. Right now I am reading our heritage and I love it. It is so crazy to hear everything the pioneer went through. It really took a lot of faith and a lot of courage to do the things they did, and its because of them that we have such comfortable lives in the gospel now. I liked a quote that one of the presidents of the church said that was in there it says “The kingdom of God or nothing” Thought that was good. I got my actual birthday package this week and that was sweet. I loved all the pictures you sent so thank you J The skip-bo game will be put to good use to. So thanks for the package, I didn’t get any letters though but o wells maybe that just means I will get more next week. This week in church I had to give a talk, so I talked on Priesthood duty which I thought went well and I think it was much needed because our branch doesn’t have to many committed priesthood holders. Our branch is seriously a mess. We had PEC this week and there is so much crap we need to do. We don’t even have an active clerk so all of our records from like the past 4 months haven’t even been put in and we don’t have all of our auxillary positions filled. Our branch needs some serious help, but its getting better and better every week so I hope that it continues to keep getting better. This next week we have 2 people scheduled to be baptized so I am hoping that we get to baptize them. There names are Mary and Hannah. One is 19 and the other is 9.  They are both the Branch Presidents daughters so we just had to teach them and then he is going to baptize them but it still count for us. I still just cant wait until we have a baptism that we actually went out and found and converted though I feel like it will mean a lot more but I am still excited for them to be baptized.
So like I said this week was a little rough lessons wise. We had so many bounces and we had a hard time getting in contact with those people we had been teaching, but this week we found a sweet less active member. He was a referral from church head quarters so we called him and set up a time for him to meet us at a place we know since we didn’t know where he lived and there are no addresses out here. So we met him and him name is Wolobah. He has lived in the U.S for 13 years of his life in Minnesota and was baptized into the church in 2004. We sat down and got talking to him and he is seriously so awesome. Right when we met him I had such a good feeling come over me like “Ya were totally going to baptize him” so when I learned he was already baptized I was a little bummed, but then he told us about him self. He says that right now in his life he really just feels alone and that he cant open up to any one but us. So he opened up to us and he is having a really hard time right now. So we just sat and talked with him and encouraged him and things like that and I could tell that it meant a lot to him. Ya we don’t get to baptize him but I know that we were sent there to help him out. We invited him to come to church because he hasn’t been going ever since he got here but I cant wait to just help him feel happy because I know once he starts coming to church again and doing those things that his life will just turn around. Sensie is still doing good, we honestly could baptize him right now but me and Elder Guymon both feel like it isn’t the right time. We have been trying really hard to get his wife involved and stuff and we feel like we need to baptize them together, even though we still haven’t met his wife (who is muslim by the way) So that is where we are with him. We have a couple of other guys Ajavon, Thomas, and Albert who we are still working on. They didn’t come to church this week though so that was frustrating.
Well I hope you all have a great week this week and good luck with all the hunting J Love
Elder Bowring

So I just want to tell you guys thanks for all the picture and quotes they are awesome, I love them so much.  This week I shared your experience mom about the tender mercies of the lord because I thought it went great with our miracles that we have been doing and everyone loved it and I did to so thanks. So In my package with the pillow cases, I found my leatherman in pillow cases but I didn’t find the USB so I am not sure where that one is because I haven’t gotten it yet. Thanks for the birthday package it was awesome. Everything you guys send is great so just keep doing what you doing. Love you guys and I am trying to get some pictures uploaded today but its hard because we are having to try a lot of different internet cafes so don’t think I am forgetting about you Love you guy

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