Monday, October 14, 2013

Well i had a really good week this week. Last Monday after emails we went into town to do some things. We ate at a place there called Monro Chicken that was freaking delicious. They have hamburgers and alot of other things so i got a double hamburger and a chicken cord on bleu. It cost me an arm and a leg though but it was worth it haha. When we went into town we went by some market places and they had a lot a cool things there. I seen some hats there that were only 10 U.S dollars and it made me miss all my other hats haha.
This week things have been really good with my new companion. We are getting along really well and we are teaching well together. It just took me some time to adjust from elder zaugg to Elder Guymon but things are going great. We are still teaching Sensie and things are good, he just didnt come to church this week which was frustrating. I know we are going to baptize him but its just a matter of when. We have another kids who is 13 who is very smart who we are going to baptize here soon. His name is Ishaih and he has an older brother who is a member who had taught him alot. We were planning on getting him interviewed this week at church but he never came so that didnt happen. This week though we had 3 other guys show up to church who we have been working with for a while. It was honestly a miracle that they came. There is 2 guys named Ajavon and Thomas who i have been teaching ever since i got here and we can never get them to come to church. Well this week we didnt have time to go see them but they just randomly showed up to church which was awesome. The other man his name is Albert and we have been teaching him for a while. Everytime we have asked him to come to church he tells us he will come but he never does. He always has a lame excuse why he doesnt come. But he came this week and i was so excited. I am pumped to go and see them this week becuase honestly after people come to church, the holy ghost is so much stronger with them and it helps them realize and understand more the things that we are teaching them. We had Zone meeting this week and it was really good. We are starting to integrate miracle nights. What it is is that everynight before we got to bed we sit down with our apartment and discuss a miracle that happened to you that day. I really enjoy it because it is helping me realize just how much god is invovled with our everyday lifes wheather its big or small.He seriously is with us at all times of the day becuase he is always watching over us.
Well i hit my 2 month mark this week and its weird to think i have been out 2 months already. I am excited to be done with training though thats for sure. I got to eat some pig foot this week which was interesting. It doesnt taste bad but there is like zero meat on it. This week i stepped into a puddle that i thought was small puddle and ended up going clear up to my knees haha. IT was pretty funny and luckily we were just heading back to the apartment but i was so muddy and i am mad because i forgot to take a picture of it but oh well. I am become a pro at eating chicken feet now though, i am even eating the bones and everything and bone marrow is actually pretty good not going to lie. I am eating it on regular chicken now to. I had a good birthday, i was a little home sick all day but that night Elder Humphrys and Elder Zaugg gave me a big birthday present. They had saved all my letters and a package and some candy that Elder Zauggs family sent and gave them all to me that night so it was pretty awesome to have that. I love getting letters though so keep them coming :) 
I hope you all have a great week.
Love Elder Bowring

Ok so i toatlly almost forgot to share something cool. This week at baptisms (we have them everyweek here) The water pump was broke so we had to haul all of the water in from a well to fill up the baptism font. It was really cool and a sweet experience. One of the couple missinoarys here put it on there blog with some pics and stuff so here is the website so you can check it out :)

Almost every week there are baptisms at the Duala Chapel.  This week when the missionaries arrived the generator was not working to supply power to the water pump which is used to fill the baptismal font.  Do you think they thought "Better postpone the baptisms?"  NO WAY!!  Instead they got to work and filled the font by hand.
Elder Zolo, Elder Pearmain and a branch mission leader  filled buckets from the well,  then poured the water into this 50 gallon barrel.
More pictures of their bucket bridge.
These are some of "OUR" missionaries on Bushrod Island.
L to R -   Elders Zolo, Osato, Jensen, Godi, Guymon, branch mission leader, Estigoy, Pearmain, Bowring, Manqana, and Elder Price, who arrived last week and had a baptism this week
More filling! 
The missionaries' hard work paid off and the baptism went on as planned and 11 new members of the church were baptized that day.
Here's Elder Humphries and Elder Zaugg (Zone leaders in Logan Town) and Elder Erickson.
The newest members of the church in the Monrovia, Liberia Mission.

Here's Elder Bowring moving the barrel into the church.  Notice the flat tire on the wheelbarrow.
Watching him are Elders Osato, a branch mission leader, Zolo, Godi, Price, and Estigoy taking a picture.

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