Saturday, September 7, 2013

No power for 4 days!!

September 2, 2013

Well this week went by super fast. It rained a TON this week and it was crazy.  Our power and water was out on Monday when i got back from playing soccer  and we didn't get it back until Thursday. I was so pumped when it came back on. After it came back on me and Elder Zaugg deep cleaned our kitchen because it was so nasty so it looks better now. You know that i am just making sandwiches out of everything i get (Grandma Lovell) We can get good fresh bread on the road from one of the branch missionaries so that is sweet. They have some really cool lizards over here that i took some pictures of them so you will have to check them out when i send my card home. I am starting to learn a lot and its really sweet to be able to start teaching :)
My story for this week is pretty cool, So me and Elder Zaugg finished up with all of our appointment for the day and had about a half and hour left and were debating if we should start to walk home. So we decided we would contact somebody else and then we would check on a less active member. So we did all that and were heading on our way home. When we got close to the apartment traffic was really bad, and there was a car that was broke down, so me and Elder Zaugg went and helped them get things figured out and helped them push it off. So we got talking after and its crazy how God uses people to answer other peoples prayers. Those people probably had been praying for some help, and if me and Elder Zaugg would of went home when we were thinking about it, then we would of totally missed out on helping those guys out.
So i have a good scripture i read that you guys should read its in Mosiah 2:14
I hope you all have a great week and i love you all.
Elder Bowring 

Dear Mom,
Well it sounds like everyone is doing good :) Things are going good out here and i am getting in a better groove :):) I still haven't gotten any mail yet so i am anxiously waiting for some :) We don't have a cd player that i know of but i might can round one up. I didnt tell you last week but i haven't missed a day on my pills or brushing my teeth yet :):) Pretty crazy but there is no way i am getting sick out here, i would be in trouble if i did. I don't need a converter either so that is good :) I love hearing how your guys weeks go and it always boosts me up for up coming week :) Me and Elder zaugg are getting really close, he is a really cool guy and an awesome missionary. He goes home 6 months before me so you guys might have to meet him before i get home. Sorry about last weeks email too because it just kind of listed off crap i needed and i probably sounded pretty demanding sorry :/ I love you all so much and i still miss you like crazy, but i know that this is where i am supposed to be at this point in my life. We will be able to do all those fun things after my short 2 years and i cant wait to do them but right now i am growing so much and i am learning so much its crazy. So i am going to learn all i can before i get home. I love you so much and i hope things at work are going great and that everything else is :) I will talk to you next week 
Elder Bowring

Dear Dad,
Sorry i didnt write much last week. I love reading your jounal entries and i love to know what is going on. They are so long though that what i do is print them off and then read it during the week so most the stuff i reply on will be from last weeks stuff so i am sorry. Things are going good here, i am starting to teach alot more and that is good, it makes the days fly by. we are starting to find some good contacts and i hope we can keep them. No body we contacted showed up to church yesterday which sucked but we are just getting started so its alright. It sounds like things at home are just the same. I love hearing everything you guys are doing, it makes me feel more close and less home sick. You guys are just lucky im not there for Fantasy football this year ;) I bet Kapernick will tear it up for you this year :):)  I hope you have a great week love you :
Elder Bowring

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