Monday, September 23, 2013

Well im not going to lie not much happened this week so i am sorry if this email is boring. 
On tuesday we had zone confernce, and that was really awesome. We had Elder vincent from the area presidency come and talk to us. He is a member of the 2nd quroum of the seventy. He is a real spiritual guy but i learned alot from him so it was really sweet. After zone conference we got a big meal which i loved. I have really come to appreciate free meals now haha. 
This week we had the Couple Missionaries come around to our appartment to help us change out our filter system. There are 3 seperate filters and we have to change them out every so often. Well ours hadnt been changed for a while and no body knew when they were changed out last. So we changed them and they were so disgusting. It was freaking funny but we now have a lot cleaner water. Also this week i went on an exchange with one of our Zone Leaders Elder Skouson. He is really cool and he is from Vegas. I learned a lot from him and it was cool to see another area of Liberia. This week we still struggled getting any body to church but we are going to keep trying.
Being out here on a mission i have really recongnized how important a testimony is. I have to come to love bearing my testimony at the end of lessons and it is an awesome way to feel the spirit. I now get what people were saying when they said that your testimony grows when you bear it and it will get weaker when you dont bear it.
Anyways like i said not to much exciting happened this week so i hope you all had a great week and i hope you all have a great week this week :) 
Elder Bowring

Well I have just been called to repentance so i will try and do better with my emails haha. So here is more about this week.
When Elder Vincent came to talk he talked a lot about how being on a mission is a Privilege. That was really good to hear because we have some Elders who are going home at the end of this transfer and every time i see them all i can do is think about home to be honest and think about how far away it seems until I am going to be home. I still have some hard days and parts of the days when i miss you guys a lot, but i just need to remember that being out here is a privilege, not just a responsibility. The more that i am trying to enjoy my mission and the more that i look at the bright side of things the better it gets though. Elder Vincent also talked about how this is a really hard mission but that there are a lot harder missions out there to. He was telling us about a mission where in order to baptize somebody, you had to take like a 7 hour boat ride through crocodile infested water and then the place you get baptized is also infested with crocodiles, so there are people standing  around with Swords and stuff keeping them out while they are baptized. So i thought that was really cool. When i was on exchange with Elder Skouson I was having a pretty hard day in the morning. The lessons were going by good but i just wasn't feeling it very much. We got about half way through the day and in the middle of a lesson i just really had a attitude change. I started teaching a lot better and with a lot more Enthusiasm and we got to a point that we were talking about the Book of Mormon. I went to start bearing my testimony and I seriously got hit with the spirit so strong. It really testified to me that the Book of Mormon is true and that when we read it, we get closer to Christ and God and that it can help us so much. I have been reading the book of Mormon a lot since i have been here. When i came out i was at the start of Alma and i am in the Middle of 3rd Nephi now. I love reading it because there are so many little things in there that i have never caught before. I hope that when i get home i will just be a strait up scriptorian. 
Our teaching has been going pretty good, we have two solid investigators right now that i have really high hopes for. They know its true but it is seriously just so hard to get people to come to church.  We have sat down and invited them all and they all say that there coming but when sunday comes around , they don't show up. That is one thing i have realized about these people. They love to say they're going to do something but then they never do it, it's like if your not going to do it then just tell us. It pisses me off sometimes. I am definitely learning some patience out here. We took some little kids with us to church yesterday to and they tested my patience alot. During church they just kept pinching each other and kept doing crap like that. I was about to beat them all haha. By the time i get home i am either going to be a really patient guy or i am going to snap at any little thing haha.
Well i hope this was a little better so i will keep trying to do better :P Love you guys even though your picky and want to know more and are making me put more effort into my email haha ;) Jk i will do my best have a great week :) 
Love, Elder Bowring

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