Friday, September 6, 2013

Ghana MTC & Temple

August 14, 2013
First off i just want to thank everyone for all the love and support you have showed me. I can not believe all the emails and words of encouragement i got and I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I just want you all to know that i am going to stick it out and that i am going to stay out here and serve the lord for 2 years. I would not be able to live with my self if i would have gone back and i am so glad that i am not home right now for that reason. I let my misery and my bad thoughts get in the way and it clouded my judgement and i was just being selfish and i hope that i did not lose anyone's respect for that.  I love you all and i promise i will make you all proud and i will make the Bowring name a name that is respected over here in Africa.
Well anyway we arrived here on Friday and all i wanted to do was sleep. I was so tired from all of the plane rides and it felt good to be back on the ground. We got our name tags and checked in and then had classes that night. Everyonees companions had showed up but mine. Mine ended up showing up that night when i was asleep. His name is Elder Jemba, he is from Uganda and he is awesome. He loves soccer and wants me to all tell you hi. This place is pretty small for a MTC there is only about 80 people and that is the most they have had in a while. There are walls all around the MTC and they all have electric wire on the tops of them, plus we have a security gate that is guarded by security so it feels like prison. The classes are all long and not the funnest and i think i might go crazy but i am leaving for Liberia on Wednesday so a week from today :) The food is not that great. I am having a hard time eating everything. Every breakfast we get a boiled egg with 3 pieces of bread. The bread is weird though it has like a sweet taste to it so i am still trying to get used to all the food.
The temple was an awesome experience. Driving there was freaking insane because there is seriously no laws here. If you want to get some where you just lay on your horn and people will move so you don't crash into them. Plus they don't have a speed limit so people are just hauling every where. Where the traffic is bad and you get stopped there are people all over the roads coming to your windows trying to sell you stuff and they have it in a basket and its just chillin' on there head. Its actually pretty tight. But when we got to the temple it was awesome. There was actual real grass and it looked amazing. It is as big as Monticello is and maybe even a bit smaller but we went in there and did the session (they don't have the new video yet) and it was just like any other session but when i got done into the last room the spirit just hit me so strong and I prayed and i just started crying. I know that this is where i am supposed to be and that i am going to do my best and give it everything. Thank you all so much for the love and support you have given me. I am going to be gone next Wednesday so i don't know when i will be getting to email again but love you all and thanks again for everything.
P.S good luck on the hunt this week you better kill something big:)

At the Ghana Temple

Elder Bowring & Elder Jemba (MTC companion)                                     

August 9, 2013
Salt Lake City Airport-
We Love You Bobby!!!
BrinLi helping Bobby with his bags

So proud of Uncle Bobby
Mom, Dad, Uncle Bobby & Little Jacelyn
Hard Day, But Very Exciting!!!

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