Saturday, September 7, 2013

Made it to Liberia!!

August 26, 2013
Well I made it to Liberia. It is NOTHING like Ghana. It is so green and it has SO much water.. We flew into a small airport and the AP's and Mission president and his wife were waiting for us. On our way to the mission office I saw a guy holding a freakin' dead monkey by the tale on the side of the road trying to sell it. So we stayed at the mission office that night and they gave us some things. They gave us a water bottle that has a built in filter because all the running water here is not good to drink. So everything we drink has to go through that. We also have a filter system at the apartment that we can get clean water there to. They also gave us rain boots and our mosquito net. I went to my area on Friday and met my trainer. His name is Elder Zaugg and he is freakin' awesome. He is from west point Utah and has been out for 6 months. He is just awesome and i am definitely going to learn a lot from him. Since he is my trainer they call him my father and i am his son haha:)
So we went out contacting on Friday and i seriously can not believe how poor it is out here. Our apartment has electricity and running water but is not the nicest by any means. It is on a main road and if you go back just behind the buildings across the street, that is where our area is. Back there is seriously what you think Africa is. There is just a bunch of old run down houses with like zero electricity and zero running water. The houses are nothing but just concrete and there is zero carpet or anything. They all cook out side and i seriously feel so bad for them. To get to peoples houses we like seriously have to take trails and walk over logs to get over rivers and stuff its crazy. There is so much trash around to, like it is literally everywhere. It stinks so bad but i can tell you that i have already grown to appreciate so much back home and come to know how blessed we really are in the U.S. So the area we are in was 'white washed' Which means they took all the missionaries who were here before and transferred them. So me and Elder Zaugg both don't know the area well at all and we don't have like any contacts. We have been contacting the last couple days but everyone we contact ends up being  in some body elses area. Its frustrating. But i got to tell you about one lady. We were just walking around and saw her and her family sitting out side so we just started talking to her and ended up teaching her the full first lesson. She was so receptive it was awesome. In the middle of the lesson i was bearing my testimony and out of no where i look over there and she just started to breast feed her kid. My companion (and taylor) had warned me about it so me and Elder Zaugg almost started laughing. I definitely lost my train of thought for a while but then we just finished the lesson. It was pretty gross.
Its funny, there are just a ton of motorcycles over here and everyone of them are a taxi. So when ever we need to get any where far we pay just a little bit of LD (Liberia money) and me and my companion hop on the same bike. Its pretty crazy but i just laugh every time we do. It has rained so much here to the last couple of days. I have worn my rain boots every time we have went out. Some roads just become a river and its Psycho.
I also had to wash all my garments by hand today in a bucket. I have to say i am already a pro at it. They are about as white as i am.  We also have to shower out of a bucket. We just fill the bucket up and take a cup and dump it on our selves and that is how we shower. Its cold to. 

Well i better get off i don't have much time so i love you all and i hope you all have a great week. :)
Love Elder Bowring 
Elder Bowring's Desk at his apartment
Wow!  Water Everywhere!
Sportin' the rubber boots!  Wearin' them everyday!

August 23, 2013
Hey i made it safe and will be able to email again on Monday. Love you
Elder Bowring with President & Sister Kirkham after arriving at the mission home in Liberia

August 21, 2013
We got have a little time to email this morning before we head out to the temple so i just wanted to say thank you for everything again. I love reading these emails, they really keep me going.  I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good.
 My testimony has grown more than it has in my whole life out here the past couple of weeks. I felt so alone and so far away from everything i have known and that i love and i felt like i didn't have anyone to turn to. I have probably prayed more and read my scriptures more this week than i have my entire life and it really has helped me a bunch.  Well i better end there but thanks for all the prayers and all the support from you back home i miss and love you so much.
Elder Bowring

August 20, 2013 
Well they gave us a little time to email today and I thought i would shoot you guys an email really quick. Things have gotten better out here but i still miss you guys so much. I have my moments that are either really easy or either really hard, but i know that all of you guys have my back and I appreciate that so much. I also got a really awesome scripture from Taylor that has helped me. Its in D&C 122 verses 7-8. I encourage you all to read them especially if you are having a hard time with something like i was. We had a batch of missionaries leave today and another one leaving tomorrow. The people leaving to Liberia are going on Thursday but we have to be out of the MTC by tomorrow. So they are going to take us to the temple again tomorrow which i am super excited about, and then we will stay the night at a place on the temple grounds. We will fly to Liberia on Thursday and be there Thursday night, I am not sure if i will be able to email again tomorrow but if i do i will shoot another one to you. I just want to thank you all for the love and support and all the prayers i appreciate them so much. I finally know what you were talking about Mom when you always used to tell me that family is everything. I used to not think it and i am starting to regret that now. I now know that family IS everything and i love you guys so much and miss you all so you all better enjoy each other because i am sure missing not being able to enjoy time with family. Not too much exciting has been happening at the MTC so sorry this letter is a little dull but i am sure the next one will have a lot. I hope you guys shot a freakin' huge buck over the weekend i expect some pictures and some jerky. Good luck to you this week Brittain, freakin' tear it up and rep that number 10 nicely. I cant wait to hear about the game and i will be thinking about it. Just don't worry and don't stress you will do fine. Well love you all and i hope you all have a great week if i cant email again tomorrow.
Elder Bowring

MTC District
Elder Jemba & Elder Bowring

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