Monday, September 9, 2013

1 Month Anniversary-Great Video Clips

September 9, 2013
Well holy crap i cant believe that I have been out for 1 month already.
This week not anything too exciting happened. In our apartment we had a companionship get called to go out to a town called Kakataw. The area just opened up when i got here so that is pretty sweet. Kakataw and Harbell are the only two areas that are not in Monrovia, So those Elders out there are going to be racking up the baptisms. This week we had a ton of people show up to church. We had one investigator who showed up half way through the second class so that was sweet. I was starting to get a little frustrated that no body was showing up to church so we at least got one there this week. We have a lot of other investigators that seem strong so i hope that we will get them to church next week. The elders in the apartment came up with a new mission motto. The motto is YOSO(you only serve once). Now they are set on making a rap called YOSO in the ghetto, because we are definitely in the Ghetto. The kids here are so funny though. They freak out when they see me and Elder Zaugg and they all start screaming " white man, white man" or they sometimes will even call us China men and like start to try and speak chinese, its pretty funny. They love to to come up and touch you to because your white and sometimes there hands drift to places that i don't want to be touched hahaha. There hands are always like dirty and wet to and i have no idea what is on there hands, so any ways that is how it is everywhere we walk around.  It rained a TON this week. It is crazy how much it rains over here. The rainy season is about over though and then dry season starts in like October. The elders here say that dry season there is zero rain and that it is hot and humid. I am not looking forward to the heat. Sorry there wasn't anything to exciting this week. I am still in training and trying to get all the lessons down and they are coming along. I hope everything back home is good :)
Love Elder Bowring
Very impressive Checker Board!
Elder Zaugg and another Missionary playing some checkers with the home-made checker board!!

Looks good! 

Sweet Dreams 
Elder Bowring 

Looks like they found a good donut shop!!
Elder Bowring looks like he's in Heaven!!

Elder Bowring & Elder Zaugg

I Cant believe that it has already been a month, its crazy to think. I Didn't read all of your letter but i will print it out and i will read it later today. That sucks about your finger and i hope that it isn't broke either.  That would not be good.  I am starting to learn how to cook some pretty freaking good rice sauces that i am excited to show you when i get home if we can get our hands on some things. I am sure growing a lot out here. I am starting to realize the things that we all need to do in our lives so that we can feel TRUE happiness and so we can always be happy. I love all the quotes and pictures you send. They are awesome. I got some dear elders last night that brooke sent. They were all still from back when i was in the MTC but thats alright because i like reading old mail and it is good :) Keep them coming :) I have thought of some more things that you could possibly send me if that is ok.
Some sticky Notes big and small
My Cabellas Leatherman (everyone has theres out here)
Some nice pens for my journal 
Some more journals ( Mine is filling up quick)
A book called the pocket reference book for missionarys 
and stamps (i might have already asked for some) 
could you send some more pictures to of like my sports like football baseball and basketball, i want to show some of the elders them so that would be good :)
 I know i will never regret this even if it is hard, i know that the hardest things in life bring the most rewards. I am so glad to have the mother that i have and i am so incredibly blessed. I always have things that you said to me back home run though my mind while i am out here like when i was complaining about something and you would tell me "you have no idea how blessed you really are" and i seriously had no idea until coming out here. I wished i would have listened better as a kid to the things you said because now i realize you knew what you were talking about ;) I love you and i hope you have an awesome week :
Thank you for everything,  There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about you guys.
I love you and appreciate everything you do for me mom and i hope you know that you are an amazing woman. 
Love Elder Bowring

Sounds like things are good back home. I hope brittain is alright and i will for sure remember him in my prayers. I wrote a huge letter about my daily routine and everything i am doing and the stuff here so it should be getting there soon. I figured that it would be easier than emailing it all because we have such short time to email. I loved what you said in the last letter about enjoying every minute i have out here. It is hard some times and i still do get home sick but i go back and read that and it gives me strength for the day. I am taking a freakin good journal right now, we have to be in by 7 because it gets dark and there are no street lights so i have plenty of time for writing. I am trying to get all the little details in there so you can read them when i get home. Its funny because we go around and the people here love to blast there music. I have heard so much Akon here and i know alot of the music haha but they have some stuff i havent heard so could you send me a flash drive that i could just have some people put some music on it so i can have some sweet liberian music when i get home? Elder zaugg has one and that is what he is doing. So ya you should send one. Thanks for all the scriptures and the advice it really means alot. I know that this is where i am supposed to be right now and i am trying to love it as much as i can. Each day seems to get better so i can only imagine where i will be in a year. Love you 
Elder Bowring

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