Monday, September 16, 2013

A trip to the beach!

Happy Anniversary!!!
Someone's pet monkey they met on the beach!  So Cute!!
 They ate fresh coconut that someone climbed up and picked for them!

Elder Zaugg celebrating his 6 month anniversary and
Elder Bowring celebrating his 1 month anniversary!
Deep Dish Pizza, lol!!

Wow!!  Homemade Pizza!  Looks great! 
Wow!  Cookin' up some good grub!!

Hello Everyone,
Well this week was a little bit of a longer week but it was still good. On Monday we went to the beach for P-Day and it was sweet. I got to eat a fresh coconut right off the tree and we got to just relax and chill. The beach was in Elder Zauggs old area and he told me that he got to teach lessons on the beach when he was there. That would be so sweet, so i hope that i get that chance while i am out here. While we were on the beach a guy walked by with a little Chimp. It was so sweet. On Tuesday i went on an exchange with our District leader. We went to his area and it was really good. He is from Nigeria and he freaking knows the scriptures so good, i hope i get to know them that good when i get home. This week we had 6 investigators come to church so i was pumped about that. Also this week at church i had to give a talk. I didnt know that i was talking until they were giving the announcements, so i had about 30 seconds to prepare a talk haha. I talked on tithing so i just got some scriptures and Elder Zaugg gave me some advice and i went for it. I was supposed to take 10 minutes and i took 6 so i didnt think that was to bad. I also gave my first blessing this week. Elder Zaugg's hand was bugging him so i got to give him a blessing. It was a really cool experience and his hand stopped hurting after so it was cool. Friday was probably the worst day i have had out in the field because we had to stay at home all day. We were getting screen doors put into our apartments and somebody had to stay to make sure things went good and that the guy didnt steal any of our stuff, so we were inside all day. I think that is why this week was pretty long. This week we had Apartment Inspections so me and Elder Zaugg cleaned our bathroom and it is SO much cleaner that it was before. I am actually not scared to go in there now haha.
So my story for the week is about one of our investigators and its not very long but, his name is Brian. Brian contacted us like a week or two ago and we sat down and taught him part of a lesson. After that we had a hard time getting a hold of him so i just figured he was a one and done type guy. Well we finally got a hold of him and we kept teaching him and he just blows my mind. He has been so prepared by the Lord to listen to us. He told us that he had been praying to God for Him to show him the True church and then he found us.That is really cool and it just comes to show you that God does answer our prayers and he does care about all of us.
Well i hope that you all have a great week. Love 
Elder Bowring

Dear Mom,
Well not going to lie it has been kind of a long week and i am glad to see P-day. I hope that your finger is doing alot better this week and that everything went ok on it. I FINALLY got the first letter that you sent to the MTC this week so that was awesome to get some mail. It defintily helps alot, makes me not feel so far away from home. The beach was so awesome last week when we went. I got to eat a fresh coconut and i mean fresh like they climbed the tree and knocked it out and gave it to us. It was really cool and it just reminded me of our trips to california and not going to lie it made me a little home sick but it was still really cool. It got me thinking that when i get home we need to do a vacation or something, not necesarily to california or anything but we need to do something like that :) I have some letters ready to send home so i am just waiting on some stamps to send them so i hope that i can get those off here pretty quick. I still havent gotten any packages or anything like that yet so i am greatly anticipating one :). I hope everything back at home is fine, which i am sure it is the Lord is watching over us all. I am getting more used to it out here and i am getting to the point where i can teach most of the lessons. Some days go by slow but i already look and see that it is the middle of september. Its crazy.  The mission home isnt very far away, and when ever we get mail the mission couple just bring it by and then if we have any other mail to send they take it and drop it off for us so its nice. Our mission couple is from utah and they are newer than i am. There names are the Berrets and there awesome.
We have 4 missionarys in our apartment and then there are two other apartments with 4 misisonarys right by us.
I miss you guys all alot everyday, but i know that i am supposed to be out here whether it is hard or not. I am not going to lie i am excited to go home but i know that it wont be good until i serve my 2 years faithfully and give everything that i have to the Lord. It is weird to think about being home and stuff now, it almost seems like a dream land and i have never been to so i cant even imagine how it will be in two years. I wish i would of known some of the stuff i know now when i was in High school, it would of made things alot easier and alot better for me, but i guess thats what life is about. We live and we learn from our mistakes and that is what helps us grow. Hard times also help us grow and that is why i am growing so much right now. I am glad that the Lord is blessing you guys back home because that makes everything worth it :) I uploaded a lot of photos and stuff so you guys can look at them.
Well i just want you to know that i love you and i come to  appreciate you and the family more everyday. I have such awesome parents and such an awesome family , i just get excited that we get to to be together forever :):) Well have a great week, i will write more about my week in the weekly email. Love you 

Elder Bowring

P.S. Jacelyn is growing up so fast its crazy.

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