Monday, November 17, 2014

October 6, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week has been good just like any other week. This week we
were faced with a few more bounces  so that made it a little tougher
but it was still a really good week. Honestly right now I am just
drawing a blank on what happened this week haha. Ok I rmember
something that happened this week . So we have been working with this
guy , his name is brother Bright. He came to church 2 weeks ago and
really has a desire to be baptised. Well we went by on Friday to go by
and see him. He works at a barber shop and so we came to the barber
shop and there was a member sitting out side and I just kind of waved
and walked in started slappin peoples hands and stuff and then I
realized that bright was in the middle of a discusion with somebody .
Then the member who was sitting out side called me and then he told me
that the guy bright was talking with ahd been in there for about an
hour and he was basically in there telling bright everything that we
have been teaching him was false. Right after that bright called me
inside and so we just sat down and started off like it was any other
lesson.  The guy who was talking with bright was there as well and I
recognized him. He was in the shop on Wedsnesday when we were talking
about the BOM with Bright. Anyways, I guess from what he heard, he
totally went home and like prepared a bunch of scriptures from the
bible to disprove us. The scriptures he used were so garbage to , I
just shot them right back at him but he was so hard headed he just
kept moving on when I would confound him. Anyways, the lesson just
turned out to be us going back and forth with this other guy who was
there. I hate “bible bashing” Its such a waste of time. No matter what
you say they will never listen. Finally after about 20 minutes of this
the member came in (he is an RM) and he had had enough so he just
basically came in and started argueing with this guy so me and Elder
Taylor just left. We didn’t want to be a part of this contention. We
just went behind the barber shop to find bright again because he had
left in the course of us bible bashing. After we left, things got
heated in the shop, we just heard them going at eachothers throats.
Anyways, we got to talk to bright a little bit and he said that he did
have some questions for us but that he was giong to be coming to
church (he didn’t) but I am really hoping to go by and to see him this
week. Its just so frustrating sometimes. I just wish everyone around
me knew what I knew and knew the importance of it, it sure would make
missionary work a lot easier haha. Anyways, we were pretty glad to get
out of there. This week, me and elder Taylor set a goal to have 2
baptisms for sure on the 22nd of october. We have Alex who we are
basically 99 % sure he will baptize on that day.  The only thing that
might hold him back is that he is living with his women but she is
leaving for school either this week or the next week, so we are
praying that she will leave in time for Alex to be baptized. He came
to church again this week, that is 4 weeks in a row and he is acting
just like a member. I am really excited for him. Then we had about 3
others who had the potential to be baptized on the 22nd depending if
they  came to church this week or not. So this week we fasted for the
goal that we had set, and lo and behold at least one of the 3
potentials came this week and that was Joshua (alexs friend) I was so
pumped, we have been working with Joshua for a while and he is such a
sweet guy, he is the one who actually brought Alex to the church. He
made it to church again this week and says that he really wants to be
baptized on the 22nd.  I am so pumped that our fast was awsnered.
Doesn’t mean that the work is done for us , but we got the help that
we needed from the lord to keep moving forward. Just reminds me of
something you always used to say dad, “Work as if it all depends on
you, and pray as if it all depends on the lord” Ive really seen that
bless me so much on my mission. There are times (like this week) When
I feel I have done all I can do and sometimes I forget that I can turn
to my father in heaven , but it seems like everytime I do , everything
just works out. I am just so greatful for the help that he constantly
gives us and all it takes it a simple humble prayer to ask for his
help and he is ready to give it to you.  I am really excited for this
week to see how we progress with Alex and Joshua . Anyways, that is
about it for this week.  I freakin cant belive its already my birthday
on Saturday. Im giong to be 20 , how is that even possible. Freakin
crazy, anyways, I love you all very much and I hope that you have a
wonderful week this week. Love ,
Elder Bowring

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