Monday, November 17, 2014

November 3, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week was a pretty normal week. This morning was fun, Joshua
or convert took us fishing. Holy crap its been a long time since I
have been fishing. This is the second time I have tried to fish on my
mission but it went just like last time. No luck, it kind of sucked
but it was fun. The way that we were fishing was we got some long
bamboo pieces and just tied some nylon string to the end with a hook
and a piece of Styrofoam and dug up some worms and fished like that. I
guess he usually does pretty good fishing but we didn’t have any luck
today, we might have to try again. Anyways, that was something fun we
did this morning, just reminded me of the good old days slaying fish
out at powell haha. Anyways,Started off the week just burned from our
last p-day. I hadnt been out in the sun with a cut off shirt for a
long time so my shoulders just got fried. I was in pain the first few
days of the week and my shoulders were oozing something fierce haha .
Anyways, the reason that I am telling you this is that is one of my
miracles this week. On Wednesday morning I knew that I needed to get
something on my shoulders so I decided to go look for some aloe vera.
I was walking down the street and I walked by a small shop that I
noticed sold some skin care stuff and so I asked for some aloe vera
and the women had no idea what I was talking about but after
explaining it she went and brought out a big bottle of Aloe vera
Lotion that was really nice, so I considered that a big miracle to be
able to find some and it did wonders for me and my shoulders are doing
good now.  Like I said this week was a pretty normal week. Something
funny that happened on Thursday, it was late at night about 9 and we
were riding our bikes home from one of our farther areas so we were
going pretty fast trying to get back home and out of no where a
freakin dog just came running out in front of me and I totally ran it
over haha. Put me right over the top of the handle bars but I think
the dog got the most of it.  It was pretty funny. So this week, we had
a good week with one of our investigators named Ciaus. He came to
church last week and he is just totally in love with the church. We
knew he was serious but this week made us to determine that we are
going to baptize this guy on the 12th along with Big shoe.  It sucks
though because Ciaus works at a filling station (gas station) and he
has to work every other Sunday so he wasn’t able to make it to church
this Sunday but he is really devoted. He keeps on telling us that he
is going to die in this church and that his children’s children will
be here as well.  He also requested for a hymn book and when we gave
it to him I would of thought It was a little kid on Christmas from the
shriek that he gave out haha. It was really funny but I am excited
because we now have 2 people that we are going to be baptizing next
week. I was talking to Elder Taylor on Sunday just about how god
really provides us with people to teach as long as we are doing all we
can do. I honestly on my whole mission never felt like I have done
anything special to have success as a missionary. All I have done is
my best and work my hardest and I just really know that god is taking
care of the rest. He is just putting those people who are prepared to
hear the gospel in our path so that we can help them and I am just so
greatful for that. Sunday this week was kind of a mess, we didn’t have
to much success, we only had 1 show up, our deaf guy and on top of
that we finally got to watch general conference but it was just a
mess. They first tried to do it on a projector but that didn’t work so
they brought out the TV and it worked for a bit but then something
went down so they had to keep trying to reset it like 12 times,
finally the only thing they could get to work was the Twi translation
so we sat there and watched Conference it Twi. It was miz haha. I was
more than happy that church finally ended. Not sure if that is the
right thing to say as a missionary but still. Anyways, we are looking
to have a pretty good week this week, just getting our two guys ready
for there baptism. I hope that you all have a great week this week. I
sure do love you all. Love ,
Elder Bowring

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