Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week was a pretty good week full of a lot of things but I
guess that is just how everyweek is. This week was sweet, to start off
I forgot to tell you last week that Alex and Joshua got callings in
the branch. Joshua got called to be a helper for family History since
he is really good with computers and then Alex got called to be the
Keep fit instructor. What Keep fit is , is it like on Saturday
mornings we always go for cleaning the chapel and after we are done
cleaning we do keep fit or just like a little bit of excersie , its
more just like stretching but its still good so that is really sweet
that they got callings so fast. Even I heard that a few of mine and
Elder Tolars converts got callings in Liberia to. The Desmonds both
have callings now, Richard is the 1st councilor in the Elders Quorum
and his wife sister Deconte is the 1 Councilor in the Relief society.
Then Abraham is the Young mens president and is starting on his
mission papers. It seriously such a good feeling to see your converts
excel and keep in the church. Cant compare it to anything. This week
was focused on getting our two guys ready for there baptism. We had
Caius and then Daniel (Big Shoe) All week long things were just going
great to helping them prepare. We sat with them and everything was
great. They were both very excited about being baptized. We even had
Caius coming to institute and he was loving it there. Well , then
Sunday hit. Yesterday was such a stressful freakin day. We got to
church and there was no sign of Caius or Big shoe. I gave it some time
but it got to about 9:15 so I decided to give them a call. Well Caius
told me that he got stuck at work all the way in Accra because
somebody didn’t show up so he couldn’t leave early to come so there
was no way he was going to make it, then Alex showed up to church and
told us that big shoe wasn’t coming because he didn’t have a white
shirt and didnt want to come unless he had a white shirt and felt like
a member. I was so frustrated yesterday I was about to the point I was
going to drop kick the next person who walked by me. Anyways, I am
doing my best to learn patience and learn gods timing on everything.
Because they missed church this week we just pushed there baptism back
to next week so it isnt to big of a set back and we will make it all
work. I just really was looking forward to seeing the baptism this
week but its cool. That’s missionary work for ya. This week was really
good still though, at the first of the week we decided that we need
find some more investigators and its amazing when you set a goal and
do all you can how god can just make up for the rest. We really found
some really good new investigators this week that we are excited for.
One guys name is Stephen Gilo. He is Joshua’s good friend. We have
been seeing him around for some time and he even came fishing with us
last week. Any time we would come around he just didn’t really mind us
and didn’t seem to interested in us so we didn’t mind him to much.
Well this week Joshua made a comment that he was giong to bring him to
church so we asked stephen if we could meet with him and we did right
there on the spot. Turns out this guy has been pretty well prepared by
the lord. His little brother is a member of the church and is even
serving a mission in Kenya. He just moved from in Accra and so he
hasn’t had a church he is going to. He has some really good quesitons
and is just really open to our message and even better he came to
church with Joshua this week and he loved it. He even told us that he
was going to be bringing one of his friends to church this next week.
It just came to show me , you never know who god is preparing to
receiev the gospel and sometimes we need to be willing to just open
our mouths and have the courage to share what we know, even if the
person doesn’t seems like they care or not.  Well this week I got some
devestating news, President Hill relayed a message to the Berretts
that I needed to get some new shirts.  I have worked so hard to get my
shirts the shade of yellow they are now , I just don’t want to restart
, those shirts have my testimony built inside of them to how great and
hard missinoary work is haha. So I got to get a few new shirts today
so I will be poppin in some brand new white shirts this week.  Well, I
hope all goes well. Brittain, keep your head up man, everything will
be good. I know how it feels like to be in your shoes but you got a
lot more things ahead of you in life to look forward to. Anyways, I
sure do love all you. I hope you all have a great week. Love Elder Bowring

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