Monday, November 17, 2014

October 13, 2014

Dear Family,
This week was a fantastic week, probably one of the best weeks I have
had in Ghana so far. We are starting to see some success here and that
just pumps me up more than anything haha, well maybe this week I will
just take it day by day. Tuesday was a really good day, we started off
with Zone meeting so we had to go and do that. At the zone meeting a
RM attended for some reason, and when we were having a break he came
up to me and asked if I was the missionary from Liberia and I told him
I was and he told me that he had served his mission in Liberia. I
guess he left in May 2013 right before I came out. We served in a lot
of the same areas and he knew a bunch of the missionaries I had served
with so It was really cool to talk with him. Also it was the birthday
of one of our serious investigators Joshua, so he invited us over that
night to come and do something with him (we are basically just bros)
So we sat down, taught him a good lesson on the priesthood and then we
ate and had some really good rice and chicken with some really good
Nonalcoholic drinks (I was pumped to see that because he used to
drink) Some of his friends were drinking but him and alex just stuck
with the nonalcoholic stuff so that pumped me up. I basically just
counted that as my own birthday celebration and I can’t think of a
better way to spend it. 

Elder Taylor, Bowring & Berrett

Friday was such a sweet day. I really cool experience. On Thursday night Elder Berrett called me and asked if me
and my companion could show them around Nsawam because they were new
and they wanted to know the area, so they picked us up at about 10
that morning and we hopped in there truck and took off and showed them
around. It was really fun just to be with them, I love them so much.
Anyways, we were getting to the far reaches of our area and for some
reason I felt like I should show them one small community they call
Sam Sam. Its very far out and on like the back side of a mountain.
Just on Tuesday we received a referral from a member and they referral
lives out at sam sam. When I called him to set up an appointment for the first time , all he told me is that he has read our pamphlets and knows its true and that he just wants a Book of Mormon. So that was sweet, and we had a lesson with him on Tuesday and he is dope, name is phillip. So anyways, back to when we were with the berretts, I just felt like I should show them that area. We got up there and I just felt like we should go see phillip so I asked the berrets if they would be willing to come and teach with us and they jumped all over that so with out an appointment set , we walked out to phillips house and he was there. The miraculous thing is though, is he told us that he had some work he had to do that day, but for some reason he just felt like he needed to stay in the house and not go any where, and
then we came rolling up out of no where. We had such an awesome lesson with this guy with the Berretts help and it was really cool. I think the Berretts are planning on going out with us on tomorrow to go and see him again. The only problem we are facing with him is that he lives so far away from the church but I am pretty confident we will work through it. That was awesome. Then Friday day, Alex and Joshua were at the church and they are getting enrolled into institute class already and they aren’t ever baptized.  So Saturday was my birthday, I freakin cant believe that I am 20. It feels so weird to tell people that I am 20 years old. Anyways, we started off the day great, the branch was having a soccer match against another branch here and Alex and Joshua came to go play with them again. We were able to go with them because we had a lot of teaching appointments but I seriously
just get so pumped up to see my investigators mingling with the branch and just acting as members. We are going to have there baptism next week on the 22nd so I am really excited for that. Yesterday was a really good day at church, we had 5 people to church so that was just a great way to cap the week off. 4 out of the 5 people have already come in the past to. We had Alex , Joshua, Daniel (big shoe) , Darius (deaf guy). The area is really looking like its on the up and up and I am just so happy that god has blessed us after all our hard work, its
just really making the work enjoyable right now. Me and Elder Taylor are doing really good together and we are just working hard and enjoying the hot sun here. We are still getting a little rain here and there but for the most part its warming up. I hope I can come back with a wicked tan haha. Well , I hope that every body had a great week this week and that everything back home is great. The gospel is true.
Love you all,
Elder Bowring

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