Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

This week was a really good week to say the least. The work is
definitely moving forward. On Tuesday we had zone meeting which was
good. Honestly I am still getting used to the differences between
Liberia and here. The way things are run here are just a lot different
and I am just trying my best to go with the flow I guess you could
say. Something that we did that was kind of cool was that we learned a
Christmas song in twi so I guess that was alright haha. Other than
that twi just frustrates me, it’s the dumbest language haha. Anyways, 
Wednesday  was a good day as well. I had an exchange with Elder
Bianucci in my district and I went into his area. It is always cool to
see the other side of the area because you know all the people in the
branch who live there but you don’t really know where they live so
that is always good to get to know the other side of the area. We had
a good day though, I always enjoy going on exchanges , you get to know
the other elder a lot and get to learn things and always get a chance
to help them out as well. That is one thing that I have noticed on my
mission, is there is just always so many opportunity’s to help people
here , whether its members, investigators, less actives or just other
missionaries, I just always love the feeling of being able to help
somebody else. It was really sweet that day to because that was the
first time that Elder Taylor took the area on his own and was leading
on his own and he did a fantastic job. He had a really good day in our
area so I was really excited for him. He was pretty pumped up about it
to.  The next day on Wednesday was pretty normal, Elder Taylor had his
first chicken foot this week, they are not as common here as they were
in Liberia so I was pumped when I saw the chicken feet and I bought
them strait. While we were eating them to I had a Jehovah witness come
up and contact us and just tried to like convert me. What I ended up
doing was asking her for her bible (which is a different translation)
and I pretended to just be flipping though it just skimming it but I
knew that it was missing some verses because they had taken some out
and I went to a place in Mathew and found that it was missing and I
shut her down haha, just told her I didn’t want to listen to any one
who took away from the word of god and then I left her with a
pamphlet.  Friday was a really good day, finally got to see Joshua and
Alex that day. We were having a lesson with Joshua’s friend and then
somehow Joshua asked a question to us, he said that he had a dream and
he wanted to know the meaning of the dream. He said that he went on
his knees and prayed a few nights ago to know if the church was true
and then he described to us the dream that he had that night.
Basically what the dream was , was it was a very specific part of the
endowment session. I honestly didn’t know how to awnser him because we
just don’t talk about those things but the only thing I could tell him
was that it came from god and that he would find out what it meant in
the future. I am starting to think that god has something special for
Joshua in store, he is a really deep thinker and even yesterday we
were sitting with him after church and some how we got onto the topic
of angels appearing and then we talked about how to recognize an angel
from the devil and from god. The crazy things is is that my companion
for some reason had the feeling before going into the lesson we should
talk about that, so idk if god is about to send an angel to this guy
or what haha. He had chicken pox this week though so I felt bad for
him. Church yesterday was really good, Caius and Big shoe both showed
up looking like studs. Caius came in a full suit and was there before
the break of dawn and big shoe had a nice white shirt and tie on, I
was so happy to see them and everything is looking great for their
baptism this Wednesday. Another sweet thing that happened this week
was that we had a LA family come who we have been working with for
some time. Its been 8 years for the wife to come to church and we
totally got them to come yesterday. I was so jacked up to see them and
we are even going to have a family home evening with them tonight.
Their 14 year old daughter isn’t baptized either so we are going to be
working to get here baptized as we work to reactivate the family. The
thing that is hard is that the husband is a chainsaw operator and is
gone on Sundays a lot but he said that he is going to try hard to come
back home for weekends to go to church. Anyways, really exciting
successful week. Only thing that sucked this week is the amount of
light out we had. We literally had light ratio of probably 30 % on to
70 % off. It sucks so bad when the light is out at night to because
you cant sleep with your fan so you just sweat all night long. Plus
our water doesn’t run when light is off either so it just sucks.
Worldly problems right ? Anyways, we are looking forward to some
baptisms this week, we also get transfer news Saturday, so
anything can happen. Half of me wants to stay and half of me wants to
go so we will see which half will win. I hope that you all have a
great week , sure do love you all, Love Elder Bowring

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