Monday, November 17, 2014

October 27, 2014

Sister Berrett, Elder Bowring, Fairwell, Tolar, Elder Berrett
Dear family ,
Well it’s a miracle that I am even emailing you right now. We have
been searching for a place with internet for about 4 hours because in
Nsawam, the internet is down for the whole town and wont be fixed
utnil  tomorrow so miraculously we finally found a place, that is why
my email is so late. Anyways, this week was a great week.  Today was
really fun. We had a Bi zone get together and it was with Tolars zone
so I got to see him. We got together and just played some basketball.
It was fun, we went hard and all got new basketball jerseys . I got a
sick Andrew Wiggins Clevland jersey that I repped and tolar got a
Clevland Lebron jersey. I hope I can get some pics off so you can see
it but it was fun. I got fetching fried today to though, The top half
of my arms hasn’t seen the sun in about a decade haha. Anyways,
Wednesday was probably the best day of the whole week. We had the
baptism of Joshua and Alex and it was just so great.  It was kind of
stressful getting it all together. Our BML was giving me a hard time
with a few things. He was trying to get some random Priest to do that
baptism for Joshua and Alex (they didn’t even know the kid) when
joshua and Alex had asked me and Taylor to do the baptism.  I sat and
argured with him for ever and finally I just told him me and Taylor
are going to change so we did and that pissed him off haha he even
told me that I was pissing him off so I told him he was pissing me off
and we left it at that haha anyways, with all that crap before the
baptism, it was a successful baptism. Elder Taylor was able to baptize
Alex and I was able to baptize Joshua. While Taylor was baptizing I
was outside the font out side and I just felt like I was in like the
locker room back home before a big game haha but then I just had such
a calming peace come on me.  Spirit was defintly there at the baptism
and it was awesome. I am so happy for Alex and Joshua, they are just
like bro’s to me now. IT was really cool to be with Elder Taylor for
his first baptism to. I was glad that we were able to get a baptism
together and we are hoping for another one on the 12 of November. He
was so happy and to see him so happy just pumped me up to. To add onto
the excitement on Wednesday, I got two packages as well so we just
enjoyed on Wednesday. Since the baptism was on Wednesday we had to
wait until Sunday to get them confirmed and they came a little late on
Sunday but they were still able to be confirmed. I didn’t think that
Alex’s face could fit as big of a smile as I saw on his face walking
back from being confirmed. It is just so awesome to bring peole this
happiness that the gospel brings us.  We had a great day on Sunday to,
we had 3 investigators come on top of our two Recent Converts.  One of
them was phillip . HE is the one who we have been seeing with the
Berretts who lives freakin far away, but he came to church so we were
pretty pumped about that. We taught him again with the Berretts again
this week and that was awesome to be able to do.  I am just trying to
think of anything else that happened this week. Honestly the Baptism
just dominated everything else and was just so great. I cant believe
that it is already November this week.  The next person who we are
planning on baptizing , his name is Daniel but we call him Big shoe
haha. He is a shoe maker and is really sweet and is actually Alex and
Joshua’s friend so they are bringing him to church and he has come to
church about 3 times now so we are excited for him. Well we got some
mid transfer news yesterday and Elder Mybia is leaving and we are
getting a Ward Misisonary so that will change things up for us this
week. We only  have 4 more weeks in the transfer so that could bring
some change for me as well. I don’t know if I am ready to leave Nsawam
or not, its such a sweet place but I guess we will see in 4 weeks.
Well I sure do love all you guys and I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Bowring

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