Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Elder Taylor, Elder Bowring,

Dear Family,
Well this week has been a pretty crazy week, i mean who would of 
thought i was going to see you guys yesterday haha. That really was a
nice surprise and made my week Well, to start off this week, we had a 
really good week. We had our district meeting on Tuesday and the Berretts
 joined us again. Well we got quite the specail treat from them after wards,  
Some how they were able to snag some A&W rootbeer and we made some 
root beer floats with  some fan ice. It was so good, i almost forgot what it
tasted like. They were really sweet though, i literally cant eat that
much sugar now,its been so long. Well Wednesday was the day we had
planned for our baptism for Big shoe (daniel) and Caius. It was really 
miraculous. The whole week we have been having a hard time with our light.
They just kept taking it for some reason.  On Tuesday night we had light so 
we were just praying that it would last at least until morning so we could fill
 the baptism font up for the baptism.  Well about 4 in the morning we 
had the light taken away from us and when they take it they usually
take it for at least 12 hours so i was just laying in bed thinking
about what to do, well some how miraculously the light came back at about
6:20  in the morning so we rushed over to the chapel and started to fill up the
font, so we got the font all filled up and was feeling pretty good about
our selves , but then came the actual baptism that night. We came to
the chapel around 6 and we had no light, the funny thing was that
every one else around us had light but for some reason they took the light 
away from the chapel and there was no way to get it back. Luckily , the 
member, Bro Braun, who stays in our compound had a really nice
lantern type thing that we were able to bring that lit up the relief
society room and then we had somebody stand on the side steps of the
font holding a Flashlight to spotlight the people being baptized. All in all
it was a really unique baptism but it was a very good one. I was just happy
that it went through and Daniel and Caius are just happy as can be now.  
THis week was stake Conference and so we had our 2 days of it.
On Saturday they asked all missionarys in our zone to go into town to the 
stake center so that we could come together and sing that song we had been
learning in Twi. It actually turned out pretty good though (even though this
Language is a joke haha ) and i think that everyone enjoyed it. For some
reason the locals here just get the biggest kick out of white guys trying to 
speak twi. So because of that we didnt get to much proselyting done 
but we still got some good lessons in. Saturday night we got transfer news.  
We had to stay up until like 11 to recieve it but the news is that i am staying  
here in Nsawam but i am getting a new companion. They are taking Elder
Taylor to Tantra hills. ITs really wierd to see him be going, i really
enjoyed my time with him and loved being able to train him. He is just a hard 
working missionary and i have learned alot from him. He will be a great
missionary. My new Companions name is Elder Mbeka or something like
that haha, i will have to spell his name right next time, i think he
is from Kenya, not many people know much about him so i guess we will
see. This next transfer is only going to be 3 weeks so it will be really short
and i could be gone after that but i guess we will just see what the lord has 
in store for me.  Sunday was a really good day, we were able to
have a stake conference and in the stake conference we got a specail
broadcast from the General Authoritys . Elder Uchdorf and Elder Bednar
spoke to all of africa and it was just really spiritual. I love listening to our 
modern day prophets. Today was really fun, we went hiking on a mountain
here in Nsawam. The Elders Quroum 1st councilor took us. It ended
up being like about 19 missionaries who came. We had about 8 sister
missionarys come to so me and another Elder took it upon our selfs to
help them out so it was a little slower paced than i would of liked but we all
 had a good time and it was fun. I forgot how nice it is to just be out in nature
its been so long. It was awesome though. Well this week is definitely
going to be a big week of changes. But so mission life goes on. Sure
do love you all, i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving . Love
you all
Elder Bowring

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