Monday, December 15, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear Family, well this week turned out to be a lot different than I thought it was going to be but it was still a really good week.
Tuesday was the last day that me and Elder Taylor were together so he kind of said his goodbyes to every one in the area and what not. On Wednesday we went all the way to the stake center which is about an
hour away for transfers. It was kind of a hassle , we had to get a taxi and put all of Taylors luggage in there and then our Branch missionaries luggage as well and then we had to pick up another missionary on the way. Luckily the taxi driver was one of our investigators so that helped a lot. Well we got to the stake center
and I found my “new” companion Elder Mmbulika and talked to him for a bit and he seems like he was a pretty chill guy. Right after I got finished talking to him one of the AP’s came up to me and said President wanted to talk to me. IT took me about an hour to see him but I finally did and he told me that some things had happened to day before so there was a little change it the transfer and that instead of me receiving Elder Mmbulika , I would be Receiving Elder Peterson. So long story short my new companion is Elder Peterson. He is from Spanish Fork Utah and has been out for 14 months now. I was a little taken by surprise but we just went with the flow. So because of that, now our whole apartment is American and everyone is from Utah haha. Elder Peterson is a chill guy though and he works hard so that is all I can ask for, we are getting to know eachother better but he is a
really good missionary and I think that we are going to do really well together so it will be exciting. Anyways, fun fact, we were out of water this week from Sunday all the way until Thursday. For some reason they just weren’t pumping us water so we just didn’t have water for anything. Finally we just couldn’t do it any more so we called a
water truck and payed them 280 Ghc to fill up our Tanks in the back and then we also saved a bunch of people in the compound haha, so we finally got some water on Thursday so that was nice. Just in time for Thanksgiving. We didn’t do to much for Thanksgiving but we figured we had to do something so we just got some good  sausage and some French fries and did some hot dogs and French fries with some sparkling cider haha. It was pretty good but nothing like Turkey and football. This week other than that has just been a really good hard working week. It was pretty awesome on Friday we asked to Branch president to come and Help us proselyte. For some reason I have just like always been intimidated asking them to come with us because I don’t like to bug people I guess haha but he was totally game and happy to come and help us and he really helped us a lot. We saw a Mother and Son who we have been teaching for a little while. There names are Felix and Celistina
and they are really sweet. It just kind of taught me that even though I am uncomfortable doing something like maybe asking a member to come and help with us or something like that , that I need to just do it
any ways because it was so worth it. That is something my mission has taught me a lot to trust myself more and to just get out of my comfort zone and do things that I don’t normally do. Sunday was a really good
day, Felix and Celistina came and our Deaf guy did again  (he has came 5 times, still trying to figure out what to do with him ) but on top of all that we were able to get Big shoe and Caius all Confirmed, I was just stoked about that. This week we having been working a lot with big shoes wife Patience to try and get her and the his 2
daughters to come. I was pretty sure that she was coming this week because we had a really good week of teaching her but I guess on Sunday morning her pastor came by to pick her up for church. I felt bad because big shoe seemed pretty bummed about it but we are just going to keep on doing our thing. Well I hope that you all had a really Thanksgiving , I was missing you guys a little bit but its cool, I cant believe that it is already December and just how fast this last year has gone, to say that next year it 2015 and that I will be coming home next year is just blowing my mind . Time flies for sure. I sure do love you all and I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Lvoe
Elder Bowring

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