Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Fishing on P-day today

High tech fishing pole

Dear Family,
Well this week was a pretty good and crazy week so i will start off with the craziest thing. We were cleaning at the chapel on Saturday morning when the branch president asked me a quesiton about something we were doing as a misison and so i didnt know what was going down so i called up president hill and asked him, Long story short i got my awnser along with him telling me that i am going to be getting transfered on Wednesday. I am not going to lie i am excited for the
new opprotunity but i am a little bummed to be leaving. I am going to an area called Dansuman (not sure if that is how you spell it) to be the DL over there. It is more in Accra and is like City from what i hear so not to pumped about that. My new companion is named Elder Langi (from Tonga) so that should be chill. I am in just a 2 man apartment so that will be a new experience for me. I have only stayed in like 4 to 6 man apartments. To add on , the only others in my district are 4 sister missionaries. Not sure how i feel about that. I guess i will just have to do my best to whip them into shape haha. I am really sad to be leaving though, i wanted to stay atleast until after christmas, i love these people here in Nsawam so much, the branch is just awesome and of course i love my Recent Converts to, they are just so awesome. We had an awesome plan for christmas to, we were going to baptize our deaf  investigator who i have been working with since i came, then go to the Berretts to have a christmas party over there and then i had it lined up to go and skype at Joshua's on his laptop but now i dont think i will be able to skype any more for christmas. My apartment is really sweet to and we were all ready for christmas. It is definitly a bittersweet feeling leaving at this time. I had to say goodbye to my branch yesterday. This is my first time saying good bye to a branch officailly. My first transfer on mission was weird and they did it on a Saturday.  My next one was when i was emergency transfered to Tolar and then my next was when i was kicked out of an entire country haha. LIke i said i was with President Thompson when i recieved my transfer news so when he found that out he said that to send me off he wanted me to give a talk in sacrament meeting , so i had to give a talk yesterday and say my goodbye. It went really well though. It is going to be a crazy week this week.

Anyways, Tuesday was a really good day, we had our christmas conference and they split it up in 3 days and did it bi zone. My luck, me and Tolars zones got put on the same day so i got to spend the day with him. 
We went to the temple and did a session first which was really nice and then we got to watch the movie "meet the mormons" I about died when it showed the Navy head football coach, making me miss football. THen we had a lunch and did a few other things, it was really good. The best part was being able to see Tolar though. I miss
him alot as a companion. Definitly a life long friend.
We had an awesome week with our deaf investigator Darius. A complete miracle that we have an elder just 15 min. away who speaks sign language so we had the chance to bring him up on Friday and teach him by sign languange and he is just eating it all up. We also sat with him after
church on Sunday and had an awesome lesson with him. THe spirit was there so strong. A huge testimony builder to me that the gospel is true. THis guys has been coming to church for 7 weeks now with out
really getting a good understanding on the gospel but now he is and he is just progressing so fast. He is even getting his LA buddy coming back. Also we are starting a Sign language class at the branch and he is the teacher for it and we did our first one this week and it was just awesome. I am really going to miss him alot. I am just going to miss everyone here alot, Especally Joshua. We tried to go fishing again this mornign with him but had the same luck haha, but i just love hanging out with him and he is honestly just a good buddy now. Anyways, i am going to have a big change this week so next weeks email will probably be pretty informative as well haha. O ya, i got my thanksgiving package on Tuesday with my football in it. Thanks so
much, strait loving that thing. Best present ever, i even sleep with it haha. Anyways, love you all and i hope you have a wonderful week.
Elder |Bowring

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