Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week went by very fast and it was just another week of
working hard.  That always makes time just go by fast when you are
just going all out from the time you wake up to the time you are in at
night but it is good, I enjoy it. Well I guess I will just start from
the top of the week.  Tuesday I would label as the day of blown out
tires haha. I went out in the morning to leave and my back tire was
completely flat , so I pumped it up and it just went flat within 5
minutes so I took it to a bike shop (they have a bunch of little bike
repair shops) and there was a huge slice in my tube so we waited for
about 30 min to get that fixed. Finally we got it all fixed and we
started riding out to our first area and about half way there I hear
Elder Taylor calling my name and turns out that his back tire blew out
on him , so we ended up walking the bikes to the area we were going.
We ended up teaching some good lessons when we got there and before we
left we took his bike to go and get fixed. Turns out he needed a new
back tire so we waited for that. After that we road to a further area
and had some more slammin lessons. It was about 9 when we left our
last area and it was about a 30 minute bike ride home so we took off.
The entire way home  Elder Taylor was a ways behind me and I didn’t
know why but I just kept going and then we got about half way I
decided to wait for him and when he caught up he told me that his back
tire had blown out again and he had been riding on it most of the way,
I felt so bad that I didn’t realize it sooner. So we ended up walking
our bikes all the way back and we didn’t get home until like 10 haha,
so it was a fun day. A little miracle happened though. At about 6 that
day, it looked like it was going to rain and it stayed like that the
entire night with out it raining until we reached home. About 2
minutes after we got home it started pouring. Count your many
blessings haha.  Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Mybia and
it was good. Its always a little different going with him because he
doesn’t speak English very well yet so we worked with what we could.
We have a pretty good relationship so that was fun.  Friday was a fun
day, we had a really good day and toward the end of the day it started
to rain. We had a member with us named Sammuel and usually when it
rains the members don’t want to go out in it but this guy was game so
it was dark about 7 and just pouring and the 3 of us went out and
proselyted in the rain. We got soaked but it was really fun. This week
we made some really good progress with some of our investigators. Alex
is a stud, I am to the point that I don’t even worry if he is coming
to church or not.  It was funny, yesterday at church we didn’t have
anybody there for the longest time and I was just thinking to my self,
where the crap is atleast Alex. Well about 9:40 we had a new
investigator show up and while I saw him, I just saw Alex sitting in
the congregation just intently listening just like a member. I talked
to him and I guess he was there before the sacrament so that was a
great relive. He is defintly about ready to baptize, the only problem
is that he is living with his girl friend but she is leaving to school
soon so depending on when she leaves he will either be baptized on the
8th or the 22nd. I am pretty excited , it will be my first baptism
here in Ghana. His friend Joshua is doing good as well, he just kind
of  doesn’t understand the importance of church so we are going to
talk with him about that this week so I hope he will be right behind
alex. Malik is disappointing us, we found out this week that he is
still smoking weed and stuff like that so if he doesn’t come to church
this week we will just drop him.  We have a few others who we are
working with that are just so close. I guess one of our investigators
has some neibors around him telling him all this false stuff about the
church that is kind of scaring him off. Its really frustrating. You
can see that the devil is working just as hard as we are working out
here. There are so many just false churches out here, so many false
rumors about the church and things that go on that prevent people from
finding the truth. It is so weird to just look around at every one and
just see the amount of work we still have to do to bring all our
brothers and sisters to the truth but I guess we will just go out and
and do it one soul at a time Sure do love you all, I hope everyone
has a great week this. Love
Elder Bowring

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