Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 8, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week has been pretty eventful and full of changes. It was a
really good week though. I guess I will just start from the top and go
day by day. Tuesday nothing really special happened but something that
was cool is that we were able to sit down with our deaf guy and teach
him again. He met us to the church so we had a good idea to use the
Family history center and to go and use the computer there so that we
could get online and show him some videos and vizuales about the
restoration but the internet ended up being down so we decided to just
get on Word and then I just typed everything that I wanted to say out
and then if he had questions he would write them down and it was a
really cool lesson.  Wednesday was Transfer day, they do Transfers so
Elder Bowring & Elder Taylor

different over here. For transfers , who ever is being transferred
just goes to a stake Center in Accra and every body just meets up
there and then they get there new companions and then they go from
there. So there was a ton a missionarys there and I didn’t know about
7/8 of them all haha, but it was cool to get to know some of them. I
met an Elder Jensen from Richfield and we totally played Basketball
and baseball together. He was a senior when I was a junior so that was
fun to run into him and then we even just got back from playing
basketball with him and some other guys so that was fun. Well at the stake center is where If found out who my new companion and who I was going to be training. We got there and they had all of the new missionarys on one side and put all of the trainers on the other side.
I was able to get a cheap littler jersey and with duck tape put NSAWAM on the back so we held it up for our photo, I thought it was hilarious but my companion didn’t really get it haha. My new companion aka my sons name is Elder Taylor, he is from Las Vegas. His original call was to Liberia but got reassigned here as well so that is really cool. I am still getting to know him and we don’t have a lot of the same interst but he is a really sweet guy and I am going to enjoy our time together for sure. One thing that I love about him is that he is here to work and that is all I could ask for. So from Wednesday on we had some really good days. Its kind of funny to be a new missionary because I totally remember being in his shoes.  Not being able to understand the people and trying to communicate with them and stuff, so its been fun being able to help him with things like that and also to be able to just help him with missionary work. Hes a champ though, he is really not having a hard time adjusting to the culture or anything like that.  This week I was really excited, we had 3 people show up to church and they were all actually people who we had been teaching and people who are now progessing. Ones name is Sammuel and
he is so stoked for his baptism. I think in every class he was in he asked when he could be baptized, he is about 23 years old so I am really excited to finally start getting some people who are serious and are just ready to except the gospel. We had another man named Sammuel come who is planning on bringing his family also so I am happy for that and hope that things there will go great and then we had a Girl named Joyce who came who is the sister of a member so it was really sweet to see them all to church on Sunday and I was just jacked to have them there. After church though, Elder Taylor was really sick, I think it was dehydration so he was in some pain so we didn’t have a chance to go out after church but it was a really good week.  I am really looking forward to this next week to see our new progressing investigators progress and also to see how well Elder Taylor
progresses. One thing that I have noticed by getting a new missionary is just really how much I have learned and grown on my mission. I never thought I would be in a position to teach somebody how to be a missionary and to help them do these things but now that I am here I am able to do it and I know it is because of just how much my mission has blessed me and how much I have enjoyed my mission and that is just one thing that I want to be able to help Elder Taylor with is to help him be able to enjoy his mission and get the blessing that come from
it. Well, family, I hope you all have a fantastic week and I hope that things back home are just great. I love you all so very much, love
Elder Bowring

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