Friday, July 11, 2014

June 9, 2014

Dear Family,
This week has been a very crazy and just awesome week, we definitely
had some miracles happen to us this week. On Wednesday we had to go into
town to have our monthly mission council. My mind is just still blown
that it is June already. It was really good though and we really
learned some good things. We talked a lot about using our preach my
gospel and becoming “Preach my Gospel Missionary” so I am really just
recommitting my self to read my Preach my gospel everyday, I have
gotten kind of lazy at it. Its awesome though, I love preach my
gospel. Anyways, I had two specific miracles that I wanted to share
with you this week that I thought were just amazing. On Saturday we
had a baptism of this little girl named Elizabeth. She is the Daughter
of one of Elder Tolars converts but wasn’t able to be bapized with her
mom because she wasn’t 8 yet. Anyways, things were a disaster, we got
like 0 help from our branch on the baptism. We showed up in the
morning and the font was dry as Blanding Utah haha and was dirty as
ever so we had to hurry and clean It all up and then had to wait for
the church to get power from a hospital near by so we could pump
water. We finally got everything going and then from there it was just
a waiting game. While we were waiting, one of the security men called
me out side where there was a women and a man sitting there. I grabbed
Elder Tolar and we headed out there, We were both trying to figure out
if we knew these people but when we got there we could clearly tell we
had no idea who they were. We introduced our selves and then asked
them why they came. They said that they were a husband and wife and
that they really just want to join the church. The husband said that
he had been thinking on it for a while and they finally decided to
come to the church and they wanted to know what it took to become a
member. So since we were waiting for the font to fill up we just sat
down with them right there. We even had sister Decontee (wife of the
family we just bapized) and a few other sisters there to help us and
we just had a slammin lesson. After that they even stayed for the
baptism service. It was awesome. Then that night we were texting
investigators to remind them for church and we realized that we forgot
to get Alex and Joyces number so we were kicking our selves and just
praying that they would show up to church on Sunday. Well our prayers
were answered and they came. It was awesome. This is a miracle because
me and Elder Tolar have been praying and even fasted to be able to
find a new family and it just walked right to us haha. Second miracle.
A few weeks ago me and Tolar were able to find a new investigator
whose name was Sister Rosaline. How we met her was crazy. We just got
bounced and were wondering where to go next when a women randomly
called us over. She ran inside her house and pulled out a picture of
her and an LDS missionary. She said that when she lived in Ghana 12
years ago she had missionaries coming to her. So we have been sitting
with her for the past 2 weeks and she was able to come to church this
week. (We had a special conference because we just built a new
district called the Paynesville district , That is also a miracle haha
) So we had to go all the way in town for that. We all got there a
little early and we were mingling around with some people and then we
saw Sister Rosaline with our Relief society 2nd councilor walk out of
the District Clerks office and sister Rosaline is just beaming ear to
ear. We asked her what they were doing and she told us that she found
her missionary as she held up the picture that she had shown us 2
weeks ago. So we walked in and sure enough, our District Clerk is the
same missionary that had been teaching sister Rosaline 12 years ago in
Ghana. So crazy. Crazier thing is , is that The Clerk got called to be
in our New Paynesville district  presidency so he was able to bear his
testimony and he bore his testimony of meeting sister Rosaline 10
minutes prior. He even gave me and Elder Tolar a shout out. It was
seriously so awesome. Just all these things  show me that this truly
is the Lords work and that he cares about all of his children.
Missionary work is just awesome in short. Also, this week was
transfers. We have some new missionarys in our apartment but me and
Elder Tolar are still the same. I hope I can say that for a while to.
Things here are great as ever. We have 3 more baptisms coming up this
week, and one of them is our Albino man bro. smith so I am pumped for
that . Grandma Lovell asked me how many baptisms I have had on my
mission so far and I am not sure but it is like 26 I think grandma.
Well , I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week this
week. Love ,
Elder Bowring

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