Friday, July 11, 2014

June 23, 2014

Dear Family,
This week has just been another good week out here in the mission.
Nothing too great or crazy happened but it was a good solid week. On
Tuesday we had our zone meeting. Now that I am a zone leader I am in
charge of giving the Instruction with Elder Tolar so we had that on
Tuesday. It was really good and went really well. Its a lot different
giving instruction to a whole zone instead of just a district though.
It was good to see everyone in our zone though, we even got to see a
lot of the new missionaries in our zone so that was really good. This
week me and Elder Tolar really just took a step back and looked at our
teaching pool and decided we really needed to get some more serious
investigators. So we have really been focusing all week on finding
some new people to teach. We do have some really good people we are
teaching but we just felt like we could really use more people. We
were really able to find some good people to teach this week though.
WE are really making a lot of progress on one of our families. There
name is the Randal family. The wife and the 2 children have all been
coming to church for some time now, they love the church but the only
thing that has been holding the wife back is that she wasn’t able to
get legally married. Well like I said last week, we were able to sit
down with her husband and we have been able to sit down with them a
few times this week. It is just awesome how receptive the whole family
is to the gospel. Twice this week we were able to sit down with the
whole family, Father, Mother, Daughter and son. There really is just a
special spirit in your lessons when you are able to sit down with an
entire family and teach them. Unfortunately the father couldn’t come to
church this week because he was sick but the Mother and Daughter were
able to again so that was sweet.  Well this week was a little slower
also towards the end of the week. On Friday after we got done
proselyting, Elder Tolar wasn’t feeling to well. Then come Saturday he
was feeling even worse. I had to call sister Kirkham and explain to
situation and stuff and she determined that he had Malaria. So on
Saturday, Tolar was dead on his bed and I was inside with him. I
wanted to shoot my self haha, I do not like staying inside at all. I
was able to get a lot of studying done though. I could of really used
a TV with some sports center or something so if you think you could
swing that in my next package I feel like that would be useful haha.
Luckily I was able to at least get out towards the end of the day for
like an hour and go on an exchange and have at least one lesson so
that was good. Tolar is feeling a lot better now though so it should
be good. We won’t have to worry about staying in hopefully. Sunday was
really good this week to, had some good investigators show up and the
sweetest thing is that our Convert, Darlington, got a calling to be
the Young mens 2nd councilor. HE was strait up geeked for it. Well,
sorry this week wasn’t quite as exciting as last week but it was still
good. This week should be pretty good. We have to go on exchange
tomorrow so that will be sweet. Also we are planning to baptize
another person this Saturday, His name is Stephen and he is 19 so that
will be good. I hope all of you are enjoying the summer and sun shine
while I am over here getting drowned in the rain haha. Just know how
much I love you all and how important the gospel is in our lifes. This
morning I was reading the Liahona and it had an article in there about
how to find Happiness in life. It said that our circumstances around
us is not what determines our happiness but our happiness is
determined on our Spiritual to the savior and his commandments. That
is what brings us true happiness and in knowing that God loves us and
that he wants what is best for us. I hope we can all see the Lords
hand in each day and know that he truly does care about each and every
one of us. Love you all, have a great week. Love
Elder Bowring

Dear Mom and Dad,
Wow, I just go done looking at all the pictures and you guys are doing
great. I cant remember the last time that I missed you guys this much.
I am glad that you are enjoying on that side. Things over here are
going great still.  Anyways, I sure do love you guys very much, I cant
believe I am almost a year out on my mission. Its pretty crazy how
fast time goes. Don’t worry about the Ebola either , things are still
in control over here. Love you guys very much. I hope you have an
Awesome week. Love Your African Son,
Elder Bowring

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