Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21, 2014

Dear Family,
This week was a really good week, very busy and went by very fast. It
was nice this week, we didn’t have any exchanges or anything like that
planned so we were able to just go out and teach and focus on our
people and those who are progressing. I just don’t even know where to
start so I guess I will just kind of give you a run down of the week.
Tuesday was just a normal day, not to much happened. We had a really
good day on Wednesday, We were able to help one of our Recent converts
, Varney out. He is having a hard time. We experienced something later
on Wednesday that I have never experienced on my mission yet. We are
starting to teach this women whose name is Sister Wynita. She was
brought to the church by a friend. She is a really sweet and kind
women. Well last week, she had some hard things come up, last Saturday
night, her husband tried to kill her and so she had to leave the house
and her children all behind and is with her sister now and now she is
just trying to figure out things. She was explaining all these things
to us and then started to explain that she doesn’t know how her kids
are doing and she just broke down right there on the spot. I felt so
bad for her and I honestly didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to do
all I could to help her. She is a strong though, she said that she
knows that everything will be alright and that the lord will provide.
We had a good strong Relief society sister there in the lesson with us
and she was really able to comfort her and help her. I love the love
you can see and feel from members in the church and I know sister
Wynita appreciated it a lot. Well this week we were able to sit down
with Sister Evangeline’s husband and talk with him about a lot of
things. HE said that the reason that has been keeping him from service
was his work. He is a Police Commander in Logan town and so sometimes
that gets in the way. He promised us that Sunday, nothing was
going to stop him from coming to church and he kept his promise  We
were able to see there whole family in church this week and it was so
awesome. We are looking and praying for a miracle this week with them.
In order to be baptized, you need to be legally married and we had a
Baptism day set for the 26th of July for Archie and Evangeline. That
is Saturday and they are still trying to get there marriage
certificate. They are facing a few problems and difficulties getting
it but they said that they could be getting it this week, so we told
them to plan for there baptism this week and to pray for a miracle so
that the certificate can come so we can do a small ceremony on
Saturday morning and then baptize them right after so we could use all
of your prayers on there behalf. We are doing all we can but it is now
time to leave it up to the lord. I really am just praying for it to go
through because Evangeline is just so ready to be baptized, she should
have been baptized 2 months ago.  Another cool thing that happened
this week is that Darlington, our convert who has been baptized for
about a month and a half received another calling. He is now secretary
for the young men, but not just for the branch, for the freakin
district. How sick is that.  That is no small calling. WE are pretty
excited about it and so is he. It was cool to, this week Brother
Richard Desmond gave a talk in sacrament meeting to and it was really
good. It just makes me so happy to see people that you bring to the
gospel to just excel at it. I am sure all of my converts are already
stronger than I am.  On Saturday to, the branch had a priesthood
program to the church about home teaching and we went there towards
the end and we had about 6 converts in side and then 3 investigators
also showed up for it. It was so sweet, made me so happy. Also this
week we were able to get back in contact with sister Rosaline again.
She fell off the face of the earth for a while, so we are back on
track with her to get her going and progressing to her baptism. Well
right now we are in the dark in our apartment and have been since Saturday. 
 We are hooked up to a near by hospital to give us current
but Friday night, somebody came by and stole our wire that was
connecting us to Benson so we are hoping to get that one fixed today.
Pretty tired of the dark to say the least. Well, nothing else much
happened this week. The work here is still going great. Fun fact for
you , it is currently raining right now but I am sure you could have
guessed that haha. Anyways, I love you all and I hope that you have a
fantastic week this week. Love
Elder Bowring

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