Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dear family,
This week was a very busy week but it was really good. First off, this
week was the complete opposite of last week, it was so hot this week
and we hardly saw any rain. I just don’t know anymore about the
weather haha. Anyways, this week, Tuesday we had interviews with
President Kirkham. They are always really good and it was good to talk
to him again, Wednesday was a good day. We had an exchange and I was
able to go with a New missionary again named Elder Taro. He is from
Nigeria and has only been out in the Field for 5 weeks. He stays in
the same apartment with me so I already knew him pretty good. It is
always fun to be able to go out with new missionaries and be able to
help them out and just be able to get to know them as well. Thursday
we had a Zone service Project in the morning. It was really good, we
went down into Thinker Village and we went and helped one of Elder
Tolars Converts with some things. We brushed all the grass around his
house and also dug a big trench around his house so that the house
wouldn’t flood when more rain comes. I always love service projects;
it’s a nice way to switch things up. It was sweet to because around
the house there was a lot of sugar cane growing and so we got to eat a
lot of sugar cane when we were working. Friday wasn’t a normal day
either, we had to have a zone meeting and give our zone
instruction so we did that in the morning. It’s never bad but there is
always just 1 or 2 missionaries who try and give us a hard time and
just have terrible attitudes but I guess I can’t be happy for them so
what ever. Saturday was also not a regular day haha, we had to have a
meeting with the district presidency. They always have a meeting every
month with the zone leaders in there district. The meeting was
supposed to start at 12 but didn’t start until 1:30.  IT was
frustrating but it turned out being good. We also got transfer news on
Saturday, this next transfer we have is going to be a 7 week transfer
since this last one was only 5 but me and Elder Tolar are staying
together so I am pumped about that. Not to many other changes in our
zone either so it should be good. It’s so crazy that I am turning 1
year this transfer to, I just cant believe that its already been that
long. Our investigators are doing good, especially the Randal Family.
We were able to sit down and talk with the Branch president about
scheduling a wedding for them yesterday and after we talked with him,
the husband told us that he just wanted to be a member of the church
and also his family so he was going to be married before the month
finishes so we are stoked about that. Hopefully we will be putting
another family in the water this month. As for Evangeline and  her
Husband, I am about to drop kick her husband. Evangeline once again
came to church all by her self with 7 kids, once being strapped to her
back, while her husband sat at home. She said that she begged him to
come to church but he just refused. Its so frustrating because every
time we see the guy he seems happy for the gospel but when he comes
down to it he just isn’t willing to act on the message. All he is
doing is keeping blessings from him self and he is also keeping them
from his entire family. I hope that we have an opportunity to sit with
him this week because if we do, we are throwing it down on this guy.
We had a lesson this week with Evangeline and she told us that she
just finds so much happiness in being a latter day saint and that she
is going to do what it takes to be baptized. I honestly don’t know if
I have taught a more converted person than her on my mission. We also
have another sweet investigator who we have been teaching the past few
weeks named Mark. Mark also has a twin Brother named Mathew, Mark came
to church this week for the 2nd time but his brother didn’t so we are
hoping we can get them both on the path. That would be sick to be able
to baptize twin brothers. There is also this girl we are teaching
whose name is Grace. She is going to be baptized on the 26th. She is
awesome, she is from Sierra Leon and just loves the church. Yesterday
she spent the rest of her money just to transport her to the church
and then she had to walk back to her house which is a good half hour
walk. I am very excited with the people we are teaching right now and
in the next few weeks we will be having some good baptisms hopefully.
Also this week I RECEIVED A PACKAGE. I almost forgot what it felt
like. IT was awesome though, it was the 4th of july package. I love
the Juab Wasp shorts so thanks for those. Also thanks to everyone who
wrote me letters, I enjoyed them so much. I hope this is just the
start to a steady stream of packages coming in haha. Anyways, I hope
you are all enjoying summer over there. Know how much I love you all.
I hope you have an awesome week. Love
Elder Bowring

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