Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 3, 2014

I'm sure Elder Bowring enjoyed eating this Crawdad!!

Elder Bowring-Jamell Tarplah-Elder Cottrell
Love this picture!!  Bobby made a new friend!!

Elder Bowring loves service projects.  They have their tools in hand ready to go!

Well family this week has just totally flown by. It’s crazy how fast the weeks go by. Well last week on Monday we went to a basketball court that is in our area. We were supposed to meet Blamo and a few of his friends there to play basketball but he didn’t end up making it so it was me and my companion and Elder Finau and his companion. There was a team using the court when we got there and they were practicing so me and Elder Finau hopped in and practiced with them. It was fun, we did the 3 man weave and a few other drills and then we scrimmaged. Liberians actually don’t play to bad of ball and it was really fun. Well this week we have been teaching this LA man. His name is Dr. Richard. He is an awesome guy but he had some health problems and that allowed him to back slide. We had an awesome lesson with him this week. His wife isn’t a member and only one of his daughters is so we were talking to him about familys and some things he can do to help his family. We have a guidebook that we use that is called the family guide book so I whipped that out and went over family scripture study and family prayer with him. After we did that he said that he has been looking for something like that for a long time.  It's amazing how the spirit just guides us to the things that people need to hear and the things that people need help with. Really shows you that this is our Heavenly Fathers work. Anyways this week we got hooked up with a bunch of fresh pineapples from one of our members.  They have a pineapple farm and so she gave us like 3 pineapples with some Plantains (Banana fruit type thing, its really weird its like a mix between a banana and a potato.) So we have been living off pineapples this week which I am totally fine with. On Wednesday it was Elder Cottrells Birthday so we went hard. We bought some things to make Breakfast burritos. It costed an arm and a leg but it was totally worth it. We even had Bacon. I thought I died and went to heaven.  It was also Elder Finau’s birthday on Thursday so we extended it and had some Peach/cherry Cobler. That also costed an arm and a leg but it was so worth it. I honeslty couldn’t finish it because it was so sweet but I enjoyed it. We had a service project  on Friday and it was sweet. We were clearing out like jungle again. We had to chop a few palm trees and had to just clear out a bunch of stuff but it was awesome. After the service project we were all sitting there chilling waiting for our food and some Jehovah witnesses came walking up the road so we all took off our tags and they stopped by. So we all sat down with them and they were trying to teach us . We acted just normal but we were asking them a bunch of questions out of the bible that they just couldn’t answer so finally they just said that they had run out of time and needed to go hahaha. Before they left we introduced our selfs and gave them a pamphlet to read. It was funny because one of the guys with them was really interested in the pamphlet me gave him haha. This Saturday we baptized Jamell Tarplah. He is The Tarplahs nephew but he lives with the family. It was an awesome baptism and right after he came out of the water he  just smiled and knodded his head and was just like “yeah”. It was so awesome. Unfortunaltely he showed up late for church yesterday though so we have to delay him a week to receive the holy ghost. So his baptism just still isn’t complete. The Tarplahs are supposedly getting there wedding certificate today so I am praying that that doesn't fall through because if it doesn't that means we can baptize the wife and they can start preparing for the temple.  Well we got our transfer news on Saturday night also and ………………………………. My district is staying the exact same. So for the first time on my mission I finally get to stay with my companion for more than one transfer haha. Pretty crazy but I am excited. This will be Elder Enwukwaris like 7 or 8 transfer here so he is getting pretty sick of the area but we will make it all work. I am glad I am staying and that me and Elder Cottrell and staying together. We are really working together well and are starting to really get some productive people in our area so I am excited. Well anyways that was about it for the events of the week. I love you all very much and I hope that you all have a wonderful week. I love the gospel so much and I am so thankful that we have it in our lifes to bless us. It is so comforting to have the gospel show us the path we need to follow and if we follow that path then we have nothing in the world to worry about, regardless of our circumstances.  Anyways you guys are all awesome. Have a great week. Love
Elder Bowring
Dear mom and Dad,
Well this week was very good.  I ended up giving that Camera to Elder Finau for his Birthday because he only had like 6 months left and his camera got stolen at the first of his mission so ya. Also I lended that little piano keyboard thing to a sister in the branch. She is learning how to play the piano and somebody who was in the branch who is back in America sent her some piano books to keep on practicing so she is going to use that to practice until we get our keyboard fixed in the branch so she was really excited about that. Anyways that’s about it for this week, I love you guys both soo much. You guys are so awesome, I am more thankful everyday for the way that I was raised. You guys are awesome. I am going to try and get some pics uploaded today so cross your fingers JJ Love ya. 
Elder Bowring

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