Monday, February 24, 2014

February 17, 2014

Dear Family,
Well this week was really good. First off we had a zone conference on Tuesday which was sweet. The area president of West Africa came and spoke and talked to us. He is a part of the first quorum of the seventy. It was so awesome and he was just a really sweet guy, I learned a bunch. Well when somebody like that comes to talk to us, afterwards they like to interview a few missionarys. Well we got a heads up that he might come and interview some of us but I thought that there was no way that I would because of how many missionarys there were. Well turns out that I got chosen to be interviewed. Talk about freaking out. I was so nervous, I was just thinking what the crap did I do wrong, why does he want to talk to me but it turned out to be a really sweet interview. He just told president Kirkham that he wanted to interview a few misisonarys and to have him give him a list so president Kirkham just picked some people for him. In the interview he just basically talked to me and then just asked me a few questions about my mission and what not. He totally knows where Blanding is and knows all about the Monticello temple and all. It was a really cool experience.  Well things in Banjor are just going sweet, I hope I stay here for ever haha. This week Blamo wasn’t feeling to well so he called us over to give him a blessing. After that we sat down and talked to him and it is so awesome to see how blessed his life has been from accepting the gospel. For one you can just tell on his face how happy he is.  And plus he has just opened up a new shop where he fixes phones and what not. Its pretty ghetto to say the least but I guess everything is here but he is just starting off and he is having such good business and he told us that he knows that he is having success because he pays his tithing. He is seriously so awesome. Also we went out to the Tarplahs this week and the father was telling us that ever since we baptized Jamell, he has been a new person. Hearing stuff like that really just pumps you up. PLUS, the Tarplahs finally got there marriage licence this week so they are now legally married and we are going to baptize sister Tarplah this week J I am so excited, I have been waiting for this one ever since I came to Banjor. It is so awesome to see people putting there faith into action and doing those things that will make them happy. On Friday we had a district service project and that was really good. We just went to our first councilors house and cut his grass for him. Here to cut grass you have to use what they call a whipper, and you have to basically just cut it all down by hand. I think there is a few pictures of me using one on the card I sent home.  I am never going to complain about a lawn mower again my whole life haha.  Blamo came with us to help us with the service project.  I felt so bad because I just text him and told him we were doing  a service project and told him where to meet us and what not and he agreed to it. Well he didn’t exactly know what a service project was so he showed up all nice, with his shirt and tie, nice polished shoes and everything. I felt so bad that I didn’t really explain to him that we were working, but I all worked out in the end. Our first councilor had some clothes for him so it was good. Well this week on Saturday we had a n emergency transfer in our district. Elder Enwukwari finally left Banjor and we received a new Elder, Elder Osunebi. He is also from Nigeria. I guess something was going on between him and his companion so they did an emergency transfer, it had nothing to do with our district. He seems like a really cool and sweet guy though so we will see how things go there.  Also on Saturday, a RM in our branch was getting married. She always comes out and works with us and stuff so we got invited to the wedding. She also asked our zone to do something for the reception (which was right after) so we deceided that we wanted to do the Haka because Elder Finau knew a really sweet one. So we totally did the Haka at a wedding reception haha, we went all out to. We tied some Lapa’s (basically skirts) and got some make up and painted our faces all tribal. It was sweet and the Liberians had never seen anything like it before so they were all freakin out about it and thought it was the coolest thing. It was really fun. Well anyways this week was awesome and I am excited for this next week. We have 2 baptisms this week, both in the Tarplah family. The wife and then one of there good friends I guess you could say. We are finding so many sweet people to teach though so I am really excited to start progressing with them. We had 9 Investigators to church this week so that was awesome. Anyways I hope you all have a great week. Love you all.
Elder Bowring
Dear mom and dad
Well there is just a few things that I could use, I don’t know when you are planning on sending another package but just whenever ever you do could you get a few things for me. I am on my last 2 bottle of juice plus so I was wondering if I could get some more of that. It really is good. I can barley sleep past 6 some mornings.  I always wake up full of energy. And could I get some more heads for my razor. I am not out yet but here in the next month or two I will be. I only have like 1 or 2 left so I want to just be safe. And one more thing, one of the missionaries from Ghana was wondering if he could get one of those Pocket missionary reference  books, you know the little blue one you sent.  Well love you guys both a tons. Looks like you had a very eventful week from the pictures you sent. I hope you both have a great week. Love you tons. Your son
Elder Bowring

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