Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Well family this week was a very good week. It started off not so hot though. This week we were planning to baptize Cynthia Tarplah because her and her husband finally got there Marriage certificate complete. Well we were filling out the baptism record and ran into a problem concerning the marriage part and come to find out they have to have the ceremony before they can be baptized. So we ended up having to push here baptism back once again. Kind of frustrating but it will be alright because there marriage ceremony is on Saturday so we will be able to baptize her on the 8thof March. She took it really well to when we told her that we had to postpone. She understood that things need to be done the right way and was totally cool with it so that was good. Well Friday we had to go into all the way into town because Elder Cottrell had this weird thing on his leg that has been there for like a month so they finally decided to get it checked out at one of the clinics. It was really inconvenient because sister Kirkham just called us right as we were sitting down to teach a lesson and we already had a full day planned out. Plus we had already had to go that way that morning because we had to go and pick up district funds. Well we were blessed, we had to get a cab all the way into town and the cab that picked us up was driven by a member. The ride took us about 45 minutes and while we were in the cab we totally taught a lesson to a women in there and the driver helped us out haha. It was sweet. Plus when the driver dropped us off we asked him how much we needed to pay him and he just told us “see you at the temple” and took off so we didn’t have to pay a single dime to get out there. Well It all turned out good though, It took the whole day but luckily nothing is killing Elder Cottrell so that is good. Well I have been telling you about one of the Member family’s that is in our branch, things took a turn for the worse with them this week. The husband and wife have just been having difficulties for a while and one day we passed by and the husband sat us down and wanted to talk to us. Well he just started going off on how the wife is doing everything wrong and just basically blaming all the problems they are having on his wife. Well all the problems they are having are not even close to the wives fault. This guy is just so freakin prideful and hard headed he cant see that he is wrong and that he is the one who is causing problems. He is literally tearing his family apart and he just cant see it because of his pride. Me and Elder Cottrell tried to tell him that he needed to humble him self but he just kept trying to tell us all the things that he was doing right. It is so sad to see. Well on Friday the wife wanted to go and see one of her other daughters who lives some where else and the husband told her no (for no reason) So she finally just took there smallest daughter and left. She told the husband she was going but I guess after she left he went to the police and tried telling them that she kidnapped her daughter. Anyways the saddest part is the other two daughters that are living at home. They are 13 and 11 years old and they know what is going on and we talked to them and they just basically said that there dad love to build him self up and then to tear others down and they know that it is tearing the family apart. Plus the dad has been drinking. Honestly, the drinking is what is causing all these problems. Anyways it is just really sad to see that because a year ago this family was preparing to go to the temple. SO please keep them in your prayers. We did make some progress though, he came to church yesterday for the first time in a year so that is some progress I guess. Anyways, we had another baptism this week and it was awesome. We did it to our branch building which is the first time we have done it there. We usually go to the district center but it was really cool because the font is outside. You will have to see if you can see it dad if you find it on google earth. Anyways the baptism was really good and he showed up to be confirmed yesterday so I was happy about that. Baptism are always sweet. This week church was freakin awesome. We had 11 investigators show up to church. I was strait up pumped. And we had a member from the district presidency come and announce that the Bushrod Island district, which is our district, is shooting to become a stake in July. J That would be the sweetest thing, so we are all pretty excited about that. Well this week we also found 3 sweet new investigators. There names are Kellfalla (we call him Kelo), Emile, and Dennis. These three guys are all from Seirra Leone and if you looked at Kelo and Emile you would think that we got them strait from the prison haha. Back in Seirra Leone, Kelo told us that he used to be a part of the Crypt gang. You know the gangs, the Bloods and the Crypts. Ya pretty crazy. Him and Emile are all Tatted up and have sleaves and just look like thugs. Emile has long Dread locks just looks like a gangster. Dennis, we just met him on Saturday night and he came to us on the road and said he wanted to give his life to god so we invited him to church and he strait up came.  Haha anyways, we sat down with these guys and they are SOOOO receptive to the gospel and they all want to change there lifes and come to Christ. Well needless to say, they all three came to church yesterday and LOVED it. I am pumped to sit down with these guys and teach them some more. I hope I can stay another transfer after this because we are finding so many good people to teach and things are just great. I am loving it. O ya thanks for all the letter and stuff, I finally got Brooke and Wyatts Christmas card so MERRY CHRISTMAS haha thank you though. Well I hope you all have a great week. I love you all. And hope that things are going great. Love
Elder Bowring

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