Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 5, 2015

Dear family,
Well happy new year, I cant believe that it is 2015 already, its so
crazy. Well this week has been pretty eventful,   forone, we had
transfer news,     and my companion is leaving me, I am a little
disappointed about that one. I  have only  been with him for 3 weeks
and  they are taking him and I am getting a new compa nion , his name
is  elder chibagu, he  is from congo, so that should be pretty
interesting, I don’t know him at all but it will be chill iguess, just
keep the changes coming . Me and my companion have been working out
butts off this week and we didn’t really get the  result we wanted.
This week was the first week I haven’t had any investigators at
church back to back weeks, it s tough some times. The city is a lot
harder that where I was at and  people are just must stubborn I guess
but  jit is teaching me a lot of patience and a lot of diligence. New
years was good this year, we had a ward party on new y ears eve that
started at 6 but   people run on Ghanaian time so it didn’t get
started till about 8 haha. It was fun though, they  just got a bunch
of big speakers and put them out in the parking lot and had a bunch of
food and stuff so we just went there. Also , we left the party for a
bit of time and went to a p izza place in  our area with the other el
ders in our  apartment so that was really good and nice, the party
lasted all night long at the church but we had to be in our apartments
at 9:30 so we just stayed up and chatted until 12 in the apartment to
usher in the new year, wasn’t to fancy though, just a few people s
hooting off fireworks.  WE had a lot of success at the party though,
we had a few investigators and a less active family that showed up so
I was pumped about that, but none showed up to c hurch. This week I
got a good taste at what its like to be a district leader over the
sisters, me and Elder Forrest  (o ther DL over the sisters, he has 4
and I have 4 but they all stay together) were over at their apartment
last night for 1  ½ hours sorting out some stuff, it was ridiculous
but I will just leave it at that, its de f intly a new experience that
I am not used to , that is for sure. Im sorry, this week is just a
blur, like I said, we just worked really hard this we ek but didn’t
get any success. We do have a lot ho have alo of potential though.
Esp elly we found a LAfamily who is really sweet , the mothe r and 2
of her 3 children are baptized but her husband is not a member  and
her  younger dau ghter  who is 9 is also not baptized so we are
working with them and are hopefully going to baptize  the daughter
this month. I am  excited fo r them because we even found a good
investigator who stays  with them so I have my hopes up for them. My
mind is still blown that  it is 2015  , 2014 was really a good year
and I learned so much, I cant believe that  it has come and gone so
fast, I am excited for the new year, its crazy to think of all the
things that are going to be happening this year but it srue will be ex
 iting, Definly a lot of changes going to take place but we will see
what happens. Sorry this is  shorter than usual but not to mu ch else
w ent down this week. Th is next week will be pretty event ful though.
This keyboard that I am using sucks to so I am just going to end here.
LOove you all very much and hope you have a wonder 2015 . 
Love Elder Bowring

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