Wednesday, January 14, 2015

December 29, 2014

Dear family,
Well this week was great, it was awesome to be able to talk to you guys on Thursday , that was definitely the high light of my week for sure and I am just debating on ending my email there since I told you most on Thursday haha but for those who weren’t on the call I will give ya a nice update. Well things in our area are coming along nicely and we are still meeting some really sweet people and getting to know members and people better. It honestly didn’t even feel like Christmas until Christmas eve at like 7. We decided to go Christmas caroling as
a district , so it was me and my companion with 4 sister missionaries all caroling. Africans don’t really know what Christmas caroling is all about haha , Christmas eve was just like a regular night here, not to many people doing anything out of the normal, just a few more
people buying some fire works and shooting them  off. We went in the sisters area and did our caroling and visited some members and some of there investigators. WE also stopped into a pharmacy on the side of the road and sang some carols there, it was funny because we went in
there and some people were just looking at us weird but we started
singing and they enjoyed it and it was nice. That is one thing,
Ghanians are all just so nice. When we visited the members homes, they
didn’t know what was going on either, they would invited us in and
they would get there hymn books and join us haha but it was still all
good. I thought it was a good way to feel the Christmas spirit.
Christmas day was good, I had some presents to unwrap and then I was
able to give 2 stockings to everyone in the apartment so we all got to
gether in the morning and we were able to open up some Christmas
presents so it was really cool and felt like Christmas. Grandma and
Grandpa B, thanks for the wood tie, its sick haha everyone loved it, I
wore it on Saturday and people thought it was the coolest thing ever,
they kept asking if I made it my self. We just then got fed on
Christmas and I was full as could be, then we called home which was
awesome. The next day was a little hard, still had you guys on my mind
a lot but it was still a good day. It was a little rougher this week
at church, we didn’t have any investigators come to church but we did
get 2 LA guys to come so I was excited about that and then the sisters
had a baptism after church on Sunday which was really good. The guys
name is Emmanuel and he is an awesome guy, got to interview him and
all. The service was pretty disorganized so I just got tossed up there
to conduct the whole thing and do it all but it went pretty well.  I
literally don’t really have anything else to say except we are
enjoying here. Today we went to a new mall that they built here in
accra and holy crap it was so nice. Just like a mall back home. I
haven’t been some wehre that nice my entire mission. I was like
uncomfortable there , I am screwed when I get back home because I
don’t know how to handle my self in a nice area like that and I don’t
know how to spend money any more either haha. It was nice though, I
cant believe that 2014 is over and that we will be in 2015 this year,
that means I am coming home this year, just blows my mind. I hope that
you all have a wonderful new year and that you all had a merry
Christmas , I love you all and wish you the best,
Elder Bowring

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