Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dear family ,
This week was a good busy week that is for sure.  Tuesday was mind and
Elder Langi’s last day together, we went around and said goodbye to a
bunch of people and so that made the day a littler longer but it was
really good. Wednesday was the day of transfers . That morning me and
Elder Langi decided to go get hair cuts , so he went first and the guy
did a really good job so I told the barber to just do the same thing
with mine as he did with Elder Langi, well some how he didn’t get what
I was saying I ended up with a shaved head haha, I seriously have the
worst luck with hair cuts out here but o wells what can ya do. Usually
for transfers we all go to Tesano so we can pick up our new companions
and drop off our old ones but my new companion was coming from an area
really close to mine, so that morning we just went to the other
missionarys apartment and I dropped off Elder Langi there and I picked
up my new companion. When I first met my new companion I didn’t know
that it was him, I looked at his tag and it said Tshibangu and I was
looking for something starting with a CH because that is how it is
pronounced. So ya I figured out that you spell my new companions name
Tshibangu but it is pronounced Chibangu haha. Like I said last week he
is from the DR congo and has been out for about 8 months now. He was a
little bit quite the first few days but he is warming up. He is a
really chill guy and I like him a lot and I think we will get along
just fine.  Thursday was another not normal day as well ha. Every
month they have MLC (Misison leader Council) but it is usually just
for the ZL’s to go to meet with president and what not, but since It
was the beginning of the year they invited all the DL’s to come that
day to, so me and Elder Forrest went to that together. It was at the
temple sight, the thing that I was most pumped about is that I was
going to see Tolar for the last time. I seriously can not believe that
he is going home. It is weird because we have done so much together
and he is one of my best friends now and he is going to be home on
Wednesday, dude is just leaving me to dry out here haha. I’m happy for
him but sure am going to miss him, we had a lot of good times together
but its chill because when I get back we will have some more. MLC was
ok, honestly its meetings like those that make me miss my mission back
in Liberia. Things are just done so differently here and I am still
trying to adjust to them and the way that things are run.  I guess its
what ever though.  Quick side note, right now here in Ghana we are
going to a season called Homaton or something like that , and its
basically a bunch of dust and crap coming from the north part of
Africa is being blown down here, anyways, it sucks. IT has been so
dusty and like , its so bad you can hardly see the moon at nights
because of how much dust is in the air, it was really bad on Thursday that is what made me think of it. I think it is supposed to last all
month to. Anyways that literally took like all day for us on Thursday . Friday was finally back to normal and so was Saturday. This Sunday was 100x times better than my last 2 Sundays have been. We finally had
4 people come to church this Sunday. I was really excited, and one of
them is scheduled to baptize next week , so we will have a baptism
next week that will be really sweet. It defiantly helps with the
transition of areas. I have been here for almost 1 month now though
and I am starting to get used to things here.  Things are looking up
though so I am excited, still got a lot of work to do. Its crazy, no
matter how much you do or how much you work , there is always more to
do.  Just so many people out there who don’t have the gospel, it blows
my mind how lucky I am to have it, out of all the people in the world
I am a part of the small percent that gets to have to gospel.
Anyways, I hope that you all have a great week and that you are all
doing well. Love you all,
Elder Bowring

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