Monday, June 2, 2014

May 5, 2014

Dear family, This week was a good week but frustrating week at the
same time. We were so busy this week, we didn’t have one regular day
of proselyting. Tuesday morning we got a call from Elder Cooper
telling us that his companion was sick with malaria, so they were
going into town to get that checked out. This week, another Elder,
Elder Kaiser was in a three some with them because Elder Kaiser is
training this transfer and his new companion hadn’t come yet. So we
decided that it would be best for Elder Kaiser To come with Me and
Elder Tolar and actually do missionary work instead of just tag along
to the hospital so we got that all worked out and he came out with us
on Tuesday. It is so weird trying to teach with 3 people but we were
able to do it. We had the 3 some until Thursday. Thursday was a
freakin fun day though. We had about 2 lessons planned for to go and
hit in the morning and then we were going to take Elder Kaiser back
down to Thinker village at about 1. Right before we went out, it
started to pour, so we hurried to the church (its like a minute walk
from our compound) Our first lesson was supposed to be at the church
but because of the rain, our appointment fell through. The rain just
kept getting even harder but we called one of our investigators named
Leroy and he said he was home so me and Tolar were on the same page
and we just went for it in the pouring rain. At first I think Elder
Kaiser was taken back a bit and thought we were crazy. Me and Tolar
just took off down the road. Within like 15 minutes we were drenched
from head to toe. It was hilarious, we were just running down the
middle of the road ,I think I busted out a cartwheel and we were
holding up the #1 finger and everything. I am pretty sure some people
thought we were stupid haha, it was a blast though. It was about a two
mile walk to Leroys house and we had to do half of it on a dirt road
that was basically a river by the time we got to it. At a point the
water was up to our knees (we didn’t have our rain boots on just our
sandles) Needless to say, Leroy was pretty surprised to see us. We had
an awesome lesson on tithing and it was sweet. So we headed to thinker
village and I was able to go out on an exchange with Elder Cooper. It
was really fun, me and Elder Cooper are really good friends so we just
had a good time. Well Friday and Saturday we had to go all the way
into town for meetings. The first one was mission council. We go there
and the mission President and AP’s just tell us things they want us to
help our zone with so that was good. IT was sweet to be able to see
Elder Zaugg to , haven’t seen that guy in a while it seems like. Well
Friday after mission council me and my companion got into a bike
crash. We were just going down a dirt road and hit some loose gravel
and went. I am completely fine but Tolar got some road rash but its
all good. The reason why im fine is because I strait body surfed him
so he took it all. I felt bad but we are both doing fine haha.  Well
Saturday we had 2 baptisms and they were awesome. They were two girls,
Phephe and Kuku. They are both super sweet and I was able to baptize
them both. Sunday we got a really big disappointment. We have been
meeting with Daniel all week trying to get things figured out with his
housing situation so he can be baptized this week and me and Tolar
fasted for him yesterday so that things could work out the way they
need to. Well out fast was awnsered but in a totally different way
than we anticipated. We met Daniel to the church in the morning to
basically have him tell us that he was just going to stay to his
church and worship at the church he was staying. We got talking to him
and from talking to him he basically was Denying everything we ever
taught him, Denying that we are the only true church and everything. I
was honestly shell shocked. SO basically in short we feel like he was
only listening to us and participating with us so that we could just
help him out temporally so basically just using us and he wasn’t
getting what he wanted so he backed out. Not going to lie, it hurt
pretty bad, for one my pride was hurt just because I got fooled but I
was hurt to because I had really come to love this guy and for him to
just lie to us like that just sucked. I really came to care for him
and to see him Deny the thing that was going to bring him the most
happiness and joy just really sucked. For us we know the Eternal
consequences of Denying the gospel and also the blessings that it
brings to us and to have someone you have come to love and care about
to just deny those things just really sucks. Me and Tolar figured that
Daniel came to us for the wrong reasons but through our teachings he
did feel the truthfulness of our message but then he just decided to
back out or something. But I guess our fast was answered because we
were able to figure these things out before his baptism so that is why
I say that the lord awsnered our fast this week. The lord works in
many mysterious ways that’s for sure. Its alright though, CANT NOTHING
HOLD US BACK (me and tolar always just shout that like idiots haha) We
have a sweet baptism coming up this week though. Guys name Is Abraham
and is strait converted to the gospel. Things this week are going to
be good. Well family I hope you all have a great week, I hope you all
know that the lord is always watching over us and that he is always
there to answer our prayers. He loves us so much. I love you all so
much to, have a fantastic week. Love
Elder Bowring

Dear Mom and Dad,
 This week was really good with small downs but things out here are
still just great as ever. I am loving my companion, we get along great
and have the same sence of humor so we just enjoy haha. I am so
excited to be able to call home this week. We will be calling on
Sunday and i am not 100 % positive but i will probably be calling home
around 7 or 8 at night here so i am not sure what time that is for you
guys. Are we going to be doing the skype thing again and have you call
me back, i feel like that will be best. Anyways, i am excited to read
this weeks emails, sounds like an eventful week from what i have seen.
Sure do love you guys to death, hope you have a great week. Love you
favorite african son ,
Elder Bowring

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