Monday, June 2, 2014

May 19, 2014

Elder Tolar, LeRoy, Elder Bowring
Baptism Day!!!!  Happy Day!!
Dear Family,
This week was a great week. Definintly had a lot of interesting things
happen. To start off this week, we found out that we have a really
serious investigator that we didn’t expect. He was calling us all
morning on Tuesday, so we decided to go and see him to the church. His
name is Darlington Taylor. (He is Charles Taylors nephew we found out
yesterday, Charles Taylor is that crazy wicked guy that I was telling
you about in phone calls, we are really just involved with him in a
couple of different ways, its weird) anyways, we had taught Darlington
only twice before Tuesday and when we got to the church for his
lesson, he was all decked out in priesthood attire and said that he
wanted to come and work with us today. This is our investigator who we
have taught twice and has came to church one time haha, so we took him
out with us for the day and he was just bearing strong testimony that
the church is true. It was awesome. He is 20 years old, and already
wants to serve a mission so bad so we are planning to baptize him on
the 31st so that will be cool because I might be able to see him leave
for his mission by the time I go home. We would honestly baptize him
this week, but we have district conference this week so we have to
push it back. We have so many awesome investigators. Friday this week
we had a zone service project and that was very Eventful. We went down
to Thinker village and we had a huge thing of land that we had to
brush, (chop the weeds and grass all down) Things were all going good,
we were all just having a good time working and making progress. While
I was brushing I ran into a big pile of fire ants though and they got
all over me and started biting the crap out of me. They were all over
my arms and my legs. I finally got them all off and I just kept
working but I just started getting ichy all over the place, like my
head was itching bad and I could not satisfy my itch. Then Elder
Jensen came over and he asked me if the ants got on my face and bit me
there because it looked like it. Well long story short I had a sweet
allergic reaction to the ants and busted out in hives and got all
swollen up. My face was seriously huge, my nose was huge, I fit right
in the culture here haha. So my companion called sister Kirkham and we
just had to run the nearest hospital and they took me in and gave me a
nice shot in the butt , that felt just wonderful haha. After the shot,
the Couple missionarys came and bought some pill for me to take so I
went home, took the pill and then went proselyting and by the time I
got home all my hives were gone so that was good. It was just an
awesome experience haha. Well the high light of my week was defintly
the baptism that we were able to have this week. We were able to soak
5 people in the water on Saturday and 4 of them were our family. There
name is the Desmond family and they are the sweetest family. The other
man we baptized was Leroy and he is just as sweet as the family. It
was just such an awesome, spiritual baptism. There is just something
about bringing a whole family into the gospel, it is just more
satisfying than just baptizing one person because we know how
important the family is and how important it is to not leave anyone
behind. I was just beaming in sacrament meeting yesterday when we were
up front confirming them all. The whole family was so happy and so was
Leroy, it was literally one of the happiest days on my mission so far.
Me and Elder Tolar and just working so we can go out and baptize
another family. We have one family that we are working on right now,
there names are Archie and Evagenline and they are doing great and we
also just received another referral from the AP’s this morning for
another family so I am just happy. The work is just moving on so
sweet. The gospel is just awesome and I am just so happy and thankful
to be able to share it every single day. I Hope you all have an
awesome week this week. I love all of you and thank you all for your
love and support. Love , Elder Bowring

Desmond family

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