Monday, December 2, 2013

November 25, 2013

Well I am freaking out right now, I just got done looking at all the pictures you sent this week and to see the snow just got me so excited and I literally just smiling. Elder Erickson wanted me to tell you thank you also for the pictures. Looks like you are getting plenty of it, I hope it keeps on coming. Well this week was a good week, not really anything to special happened, just kind of a normal week in the field. This week I finally got your Halloween cards so thank you so much for those (now that is thanksgiving haha) No I really did appreciate them though, I love getting mail, it really just boosts me up during the week. Well last week on P-day me and Brother Freeman made some banana bread and I was pretty satisfied with our result. We got the recipe from an Elder who got it from the couples. We are defintily going to be making it a lot. On Tuesday this week, I just got done with my exercise and I went back into our room and there was a freakin mouse on my desk eating some food I left there. Right as I came in it took off and we have been seeing it around all week. I think we have more than just one in the apartment so today we are going to pick up some mouse traps and we are going to be slaying some mice this week, I am pretty pumped I still get to hunt haha.  This week it was our companionships turn to on and off the Generator, so that wasn’t really a big deal, we just had to turn it on at 7 and turn it off at 10:30 and then just make sure it didn’t run out of gas. We had to refill it like every other day so it wasn’t to bad. In one of you letters I got this week mom you asked about hair cuts, I am actually going to get one today. There are just a bunch of people who cut hair on the streets so that’s where we go, it only cost like 80LD which is like 1$. Well this week I have been studying the scriptures a ton. Because before if any body had a question about anything, Elder Zaugg or Elder Guymon would just take care of it but now that I am the trainer, I have to awsner most the time. I know most the awnsers but most people want scriptural back up, so I have been hitting the scriptures hard this week. We seriously have so many people to teach here it is crazy. Some people we only have to see once a week, which sucks but there is just so many people we are teaching. The church in Liberia is growing so much, I cant wait to see where it is by the time I leave. The only thing that they really need to work on is just the family. I know I’ve said this before but even in the church the family’s here just are not very strong. This week in sacrament meeting a member from the district presidency and he came and laid it on the branch how the Melkezdic  priesthood holders need to step it up and they need to start taking charge of there familys better. He said they need to be doing the little things like family home evening, family prayer and scripture study and those things. I really hope that all the members were listening because that is exactly what they needed. Well we had 4 investigators to church this week. One of our investigators names is brother Deconte. He is an older man and he has been coming to church for like 5 weeks now but this week was the first week that the missionarys sat down with him. He is seriously so ready for the gospel and the lord has prepared him so much. I don’t even feel like we are doing anything, we just go there and lay it on him and he accepts it all with a full heart. He is the sweetest old guy. I feel so bad for him. He doesn’t have a job and every day he walks into town. Its seriously probably like 10 miles one way and he does that everyday looking for a job and just to make ends meet to feed his family. Its so sad to see and I wish I could just give the man all my  money but I do know that the lord is going to bless him. He is always in such a happy mood to which just comes to show you that money isn’t what brings happiness. I hope that we can start teaching his whole family here pretty soon to, that would be sweet. Well this week for some reason I thought that Thursday was thanksgiving because I thought that everything third Thursday was thanksgiving, so I busted out some jerkey to celebrate but turns out I was a week to early haha. We honestly probably wont do anything for thanksgiving, my apartment is kind of lame when it comes to that stuff but maybe will just do a little something by my self. This week I decided I needed to cut back on the rice, I am so paranoid about getting fat and that is the last thing I want to do. Well anyways that was my week, I know not really anything to exciting so I am sorry. Hopefully next week will be a little more action packed. Love you guys hope you have a great thanksgiving and are thankful for everything you have. We are all so blessed J Love
Elder Bowring
Well Happy thanks giving MA and PA haha. I just want to say that I love all your emails and letters and everything so thank you. I got a dear elder from you this week and it seriously came at the perfect time and it helped me out so much so just thanks for all of the love and support. I love the emails from my friends that you send me to, its nice to hear how they are doing.  J Love you guys and I hope you have an awesome thanksgiving, tell the whole family hello for me.  Love you guys

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